Ted Cruz – We Will Repeal Obamacare

The brilliant and brave Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) opened up CPAC 2014 with an invigorating speech meant to rally the conservative grassroots into action. He came out swinging against President Obama’s weakness on foreign policy and against the wishy-washiness of the moderate wing of the GOP. He specifically (and sarcastically) named “President’s Dole, McCain and Romney” as examples of why the GOP has been losing in recent years.

Of course, the establishment wasn’t happy with his impertinence. Senator John McCain even went so far as to demand that Cruz apologize to Bob Dole…

But this is why we love Ted Cruz, isn’t it? He doesn’t feel the need to kowtow to the establishment, and he isn’t worried about being polite about what he believes on any one issue. If you want to know what Senator Cruz thinks… ask him and he’ll tell you.

During CPAC, ABC’s Jonathan Karl spent a few minutes speaking with Senator Cruz about all of these things and more.

Cruz did not disappoint.

What was Ted Cruz’s response to “can we repeal Obamacare?” “Yes, we can.”


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