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Rand Paul Rocks CPAC 2014

In the most anticipated speech of the 2nd day of CPAC 2014, Senator Rand Paul did not disappoint! In a speech that was very well received with several standing ovations, Senator Paul hammered the Obama administration for what he sees as its many illegal and anti-Constitutional activities.

Several other speakers at CPAC have made reference to Senator Paul’s foreign policy beliefs (Amb. Bolton and Sen. Rubio) but Senator Paul chose not to answer them today – instead focusing on President Obama’s many overreaches. He attacked on the assassination of American citizens with trial, on the NSA domestic spying program, and so many abuses of the Fourth Amendment.

Senator Paul warned about what would happen if we did not take a stand for our rights. He derided the naysayers who constantly tell us to choose the “lesser of two evils,” reminding us that we are still voting for evil. No, instead of condescending to choose the best of two bad candidates, we should choose the candidate who loves and will defend our liberty.

Rand Paul was masterful today. If the speeches at CPAC 2014 are any indication, the 2016 Republican Presidential field is beginning to shape up, and we will have some real diversity of choices.

“Government unrestrained by law is nothing short of tyranny.”

“Our rights are INHERENT they are inseparable from our person. Our rights are innate they come from our Creator and no government can take them from us… Mr. President we will not let you SHRED our constitution!”

The Democrats should fear the lineup of Republicans who will be jostling for the Presidential nomination – for the first time in years, they will be a formidable group.

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