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Dan Bongino – A New GOP Star?

There were several highlights from Day 1 of CPAC 2014. I personally thought that the speeches from Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie were two of the three best (I am a big Jindal fan – but don’t really like Christie, just to be clear).

However, the very best speech of the day belonged to a man who does not yet represent Americans in Washington!

His name is Dan Bongino, and he’s a rising star in the Republican Party. He is running for Congress this year in his adopted home state of Maryland and his constituents would be lucky to have him.

Bongino was recently named one of CPAC’s Top 10 under 40, and he has the service chops to back up his desire to continue serving the American people. He started as a police officer in New York City before becoming a US Secret Service agent and protecting our Presidents.

He pointed out that the Democrat Party may be the ones decrying “two America’s,” but they are actually the ones who created the “two America’s” problem. He wants to see the Republican Party move to win the hearts and minds of the people. “We are arguing the Laffer Curve while they are arguing on emotion… we are the party of compassion… liberalism is destroying these kids!”

Interestingly Mr. Bongino was one of several speakers (Bongino, Christie, Jindal and Scott) to spend time arguing the importance of school choice in reforming our public education system. It seems that the Republican Party will be focusing a lot of time and effort preaching the gospel of school choice over the next year.

Some of the best quotes/themes from his speech….

The irony of their progressive tax code is that it’s the most regressive tax code. We’re the ones with the fair tax code.

We wont call the DMV to crack open our chest. We are going to go to boutique medical care while the poor are already lining up at Obamacare clinics.

These kids were sold out by liberalism a long time ago

Today’s the day we stop stealing from our kids, todays the day we start fighting for their healthcare. Today’s the day we take our government back.

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