Good Morning! It’s Friday March 7th and today we’ve got some great speakers on the docket here at CPAC 2014 – Governor Rick Perry (R-TX), Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), Retired Col. Oliver North and former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR). Stay tuned here for all of the “live-blogging” action – it all starts at 9:00am with Governor Rick Perry.


2:55 – WOW! Rand Paul just received the best (by far) welcome of any speaker thus far at CPAC 2014. It didn’t stop with his welcome – Dr. Paul’s speech was a continued roller coaster of high energy and passion! He received multiple standing ovations and was treated to an almost constant barrage of cheering and clapping. “The Fourth Amendment is as important as the Second Amendment and conservatives cannot forget this!” 

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Best Line – “Our rights are INHERENT they are inseparable from our person. Our rights are innate they come from our Creator and no government can take them from us… Mr. President we will not let you SHRED our constitution!”

What an impressive display. This crowd loved Senator Paul and the emotion was palpable. Several times the crowd began chanting their support – some in the audience never sat down! Wow. I’ll post the video as soon as it’s available…

That’s all for today… we’ll Live Blog tomorrow starting at 12:30pm, as well. Saturday is the 3rd (and final day) of CPAC – hope to see you back here then!

2:45 – Al Cardenas is the chairman of the American Conservative Union, the group who put on CPAC each year. Cardenas spoke of his arrival here in the USA with his parents after fleeing from Cuba and the relief they found here. “This America is a land of opportunity for all.” His personal life story and how it relates to his conservatism was moving. The loss of their business, church, family life and safety in Cuba because of government overreach is a very compelling argument for conservatism… Mr. Cardenas story is powerful.

“I’ve seen this dark road before and I know first hand there is danger with entrusting too much power with a bureaucrat.”

2:25 – Rick Santorum went right after the Republican establishment in his speech. He is not on board with the establishment picking moderate candidates in the hopes of winning… when in fact picking moderate candidates seems to ensure our losses. Santorum railed against using the language of the left and the tactics of the left – instead, he said, we need to use our language and our tactics. From his perspective the biggest problem for the Republican Party is that we are losing the conversation because we aren’t talking about the right things. Instead of focusing on tax cuts for the rich, we should talk about tax cuts for manufacturers, instead of just talking about small business owners lets talk about poor workers. Santorum compared Republicans to Pope Francis – Pope Francis hasn’t changed any policies but the world loves him because he isn’t talking about what the Catholic Church is Against but about what they are for…

One impression I took away from his speech – he has a core group of supporters here who really love him. As with Christie, Perry and Jindal… I expect to see Santorum running for President in 2016.

1:45 –  Can Libertarians and Social Conservatives Ever Get Along? What a great conversation about the common ground between conservatives and libertarians! Excellent commentary from Michael Medved, Matt Welch, Matt Spalding and Alexander McCobin. “Social” issues seem to be the big sticking point between the two sides… as usual.

1:10 – Obama’s IRS: Political Arm of the Left. This was an interesting discussion on the IRS scandal and its implications. I would recommend liberals watch this conversation if they still believe the IRS scandal is a “non-scandal.”

12:50 – The brilliant author Eric Metaxas began by imploring conservatives to avoid attacking our own without good reason. The alternative may very well be Hillary Clinton. Metaxas believes that we must become better at telling the larger narrative from a conservative perspective – we must teach our history in a purposeful way. We’ve forgotten that God played the integral part in the founding of our nation – reminding us that God is no respecter of persons, He does not prefer America over other nations. No, he blesses those who  faithfully follow Him. The author reminded us that it was religious people who fought against slavery, it was religious people who fought for Civil Rights our nation has been built by people of faith.

“It’s our job to get this story out. For all our faults, and there are many, America is still the greatest country in the world. America is great not because our people are better, because they’re not. America is great because we have been blessed by God and we use those blessing to help others… What we have here is not a gift from our government but a gift from our God.”

12:15 – “… we need a Washington, a Lincoln, a Reagan. Well, we don’t have them – but we have us.” — Dinesh D’Souza

D’Souza spoke lovingly about being an immigrant who loves America. He knows that we are an exceptional nation and that we need not ask forgiveness for that. The predictions they made in the movie 2016: Obama’s America have all come to pass. President Obama and his cronies hated 2016 – and they will be even more upset about D’Souza’s new movie America. You can see the trailer for their new film here.

11:30 – Not All Quiet on the Western Front: Conservatives Are Alive in Hollywood! This roundtable on conservative involvement in Hollywood and the media featured former Senator Fred Thompson, conservative firebrand Dinesh D’Souza, movie producers Daniel Lusko and Gerald Molen and Dr. James Higgins. Dinesh D’Souza received a very warm welcome and the crowd showed its appreciation for Act of Valor, Lone Survivor, and the Son of God films. Conservatives must support conservative “pop culture” projects if they want to see their views and values portrayed in the media. If conservative movies, music and TV don’t make money then studios won’t support them.

Check out the trailer for Persecuted here.

11:20 – Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom Coalition is giving an impassioned speech in favor of religious freedom and against Attorney General Eric Holder who has been counseling the state Attorney Generals to ignore their state laws against gay marriage.

10:40 – Criminal Justice Reform roundtable discussing the alarming increase in the government in our daily lives and activities. More than half of our federal prisoners are in prison for non-violent crimes. “Only a nation that’s rich and stupid would continue to pour billions into a prison system that leaves prisoners unreformed, victims without justice…” Conservatives are leading the way on the prison reform that liberals are always talking about but never doing anything about.  Governor Rick Perry in Texas is blazing a trail on reforming the criminal justice system… have you heard about it in the media? Me neither.


10:25 – Governor Mike Huckabee’s speech was built around a theme of “what I know.” He was able to cover a lot of ground this way…

1. I know that God exists

2. I know that there is not one country on this planet that we have a better relationship than we did five years ago – even though President Obama was sure the world would love him.

3. I know that you can’t keep your doctor, I know that you can’t keep your insurance and I know that your costs are not $2500 less than they were before.

4. I know mothers and fathers raise children better than the government ever could.

5. I know that four Americans were murdered in Benghazi and that our government lied to us about what happened. I know that it had nothing to do witha ridiculous YouTube video. And with all due respect to Hillary Clinton, it does make a difference.

6. I know that the IRS has become a criminal organization. The best way to fix it is to enact a fair tax that would eliminate the need for the IRS.

7. I know that life begins at conception. Every life has value, every life should be treated with dignity and respect.

8. I know that people in uniform deserve better than returning home from battle and being forced to stand in line for medical care.

9. I know that freedom is better than tyranny. A government that spies on its people and lies to its people is taking us toward tyranny.

10. I know that Putin is not worried about what we think of him and what we pretend we’ll do to him. Across the world no one trusts, no one respects us and no one fears us. I know that our closest ally, Israel, has been mistreated by our government. We should put more pressure on Iran to stop building bombs than we do on Israel for building bedrooms on their own land.

11. I know that when we have a powerful military we will likely never need to use it. Weakening our military doesn’t make the world a safer place.

12. I know that the 1st Amendment guarantees free speech, free press and freedom of religion. When the government tells people of faith how much to believe – government should be scaled back.

13. I know that the 2nd Amendment is our last line of defense against tyranny and we can’t forget that.

14. I know that conservatives should focus on leading the USA and not on fighting with each other.

The crowd loves Gov. Huckabee – his smile is infectious and his warmth is palpable. It was neat to see him work a room as he gave his speech.

10:10 – Col. Oliver North is awesome. He was welcomed warmly to the stage and began with an Obamacare joke about how the young crowd should be paying for his healthcare because of his advanced age. He spoke passionately about how our military men and women are the heroes we should be honoring… but instead the White House and the Democrats are treating them with disrespect.

“The people of the Ukraine are paying the price for America’s leadership defecit disorder! … We deserve more than a leader who draws phony red lines with pink crayons…” 

Col. North also took a swing against those who would rather us be quiet about “social” issues. He argued that our foundation should always be where we stand on the “moral” issues of our day. “We are not just the land of the free… we are also the home of the brave.”

9:30 – The Death of America Privacy Roundtable – where should we conservatives stand on the government spying on American citizens. There was a vigorous debate over whether or not Edward Snowden is a hero or a traitor and what should be done about the government’s surveillance of American citizens. This may have been the most controversial segment of the conference and the crowd was split but leaned heavily against the government and in support of Snowden.

9:15 – Senator John Cornyn says that citizens we must hold those in public office to the highst standard of accountability… over the last five LOOONG years, President Obama has refused to take responsibility for his own actions.

1. Holder’s Fast and Furious – coverup no accountability

2. Murder of Brian Terry – no accountability

3. Benghazi – no accountability, whistleblower punished

4. IRS Scandal – no accountability, Obama donor investigating

5. Obamacare – no accountability – errors were good things

6. Obamacare navigators – no accountability, convicted felons hired as Navigators

7. Obamacare Insurance losses – no accountability

Liberals just don’t get accountability.

9:00 – CPAC chose well picking Governor Rick Perry to open this 2nd day of CPAC sessions – let’s just say, he got the crowd fired up. He received what was  clearly the best reception of the event so far. Receiving a raucous standing ovation as he charged through the passionate portions of his speech. He focused his fire on the overreach of the federal government – pointing out the many ways the federal government has gone beyond their Constitutional purview. We’ll get video posted of his stirring and pasionate speech as soon as we can. You won’t want to miss it. If today’s speech is any indication – Governor Perry will be on the debate stage of the 2016 President primaries in a couple of years.


If you haven’t yet read about what happened here at CPAC on Day 1, you can see it here.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for our LIVE BLOG of Day 3 (the final day) of CPAC 2014 when we’ll hear from Newt Gingrich, Ben Carson and Jim DeMint!

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