5 WikiLeaks Revelations That SHOULD Have Ended Hillary’s Campaign [VIDEO]

The fact that Hillary Clinton is still in the race, or even began to be in the race, for the White House is a testimony of the corruption in the Congress, the FBI, Homeland Security and the current White House administration. Below is a video from Melissa Dykes on just five of the revelations from Wikileaks that should have tanked Clinton’s campaign.

Dyes points out that over 10,000 emails from her wicked campaign chairman John Posesta demonstrates the amount of corruption that goes on behind that scenes that should have her, Podesta and many others facing criminal charges before the people they committed them against rather than seeking to advance an unconstitutional agenda from a position of power they are seeking to gain via criminal activity.

The fact that Clinton is still in the race “proves that our elections are manufactured,” says Dykes.

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“Think about it, any one of the revelations about Hillary from the mishandling of classified information on her private email server or the fact that $6 billion went missing under her tenure as Secretary of State, or even going back to the fact that she pulled a Brian Williams about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire should have ruined her by now,” Dykes comments. “Others have been ruined for so much less.”

She then points out 2004 contender Howard Dean and his ridiculous yell.

On Friday, 1,150 Podesta emails were dumped by Wikileaks, which brought the total of leaked emails to over 10,000.

According to Dykes, the top five revelations from those emails that came out just this week are (in no particular order):

So, why isn’t Hillary 50 points ahead? Could it be that more people are actually awake than you think? Part of the problem of why were are getting nowhere in our current political system is that most people who oppose Hillary don’t actually agree with men like Donald Trump. They just are doing like they normally do and casting a vote against who they fear, rather than who they truly support and their principles.

If you’re actually interested in casting a vote for someone that knows what will actually make America great again, check out this guy!

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