5 Questions Evolutionists Can’t Answer

Robotics’ Revolution Proves Something-from-nothing Evolution Never Happened

By evolution, I do not mean changes within species. Long before Charles Darwin published his On the Origin of Species, dog, horse, and cattle breeders1 knew about the positive and negative effects of acquired traits in selective breeding.

By evolution, I mean something-from-nothing, molecule-to-man evolution. If a scientist can’t demonstrate something-from-nothing evolution, then the entire theory is scientifically suspect. Small changes in species over time does not help the molecule-to-man hypothesis.

It seems that every time someone discovers an unusual biological trait in an animal or human, the immediate claim is that “evolution” had something to do with it. Evolution can’t do anything. Only some “thing” can do something.

The latest example of the claim that evolution is involved in the unguided process of what we are as humans today is in an article on what our eyes see and the brain color-corrects.

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The author of “This Picture Has No Red Pixels — So Why Do the Strawberries Still Look Red?“ states without offering any empirical evidence that “our brains have evolved to color correct.” Why or how our brains could do this is never explained. It’s simply stated as a fact. The mechanism to color correct had to be present in the brain. In fact, a person needed a brain and mind to do the color correcting. So, we’re back to square one. Evolutionists rarely want to discuss the true origins of us and the entire created (they will say evolved) world.

First question: Where did the “stuff” of the cosmos come from? The Big Bang presupposes something to bang.

Second question: How did a non-brain become a brain (hardware) encased in a mobile and self-perpetuating body?

Third question: Where did the needed information come from to make the brain work (software) with the body and other something-from-nothing evolved bodies housing a brain with an immaterial mind?

Fourth question: What examples are there in the robotics world where robots became robots and self-programmed without designers and assemblers?

Fifth question: If robots turn on their makers, is there any mo…

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  1. William Warfield, The Theory and Practice of Cattle-Breeding (Chicago: J. H. Sanders, 1889), 85. Quoted in Mark A. Noll and David N. Livingstone, eds., Evolution, Science, and Scripture (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2000), 28. []

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