5 Easy Steps to Blessing a Military Family at Christmas

By Michael and Carlie Kercheval

This Christmas there are some very real ways that you can get involved to bless the military families around you. Michael and Carlie Kercheval from KirkCameron.com have some good advice on how you can help during the holidays.

from kirkcameron.com


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The holiday season is one that can be especially difficult for military families. From the absence of a deployed spouse to the first holiday away from family and friends, the most wonderful time of the year can be just plain tough. As an active duty military family, we have spent our fair share of time apart during the holidays due to combat tours and training. And let us tell you, it was not easy. As we walk into the celebration of our Savior’s birth, we’d like to share with you a few ways you can bless a military family this holiday season.

  1. Be Present

Often times just the presence of another person during the holiday season is a blessing to a military family. Conversations filled with uplifting words, as well as allowing the family members to share their hopes, fears, and dreams with you is a big help during this time. Being present lets the military family know they are loved and valued beyond their inner-circle and can bring a great source of comfort and joy.

  1. Don’t Assume

We’ve found one of the biggest mistakes that our civilian counterparts have made during the holiday season is to assume that we are going to be celebrating with family. We actually have only been able to go home once in the last 13 years of military service during the holiday season due to how expensive it is to travel with a family our size. So more often than not we find ourselves alone in a new place tempted to feel sad and missing our loved ones. If you are feeling led to serve a military family during the holidays, it’s always a good idea to ask them whether or not they will be celebrating with family rather than assuming. Our family has spent many holidays apart and it isn’t easy being alone (as the solider nor as the family members left behind) and every ounce of hospitality and grace we experience mean more than words can express.

  1. Don’t Ask, Just Serve

It’s as simple as that. Rather than asking if the family needs help, just serve. We know from experience that we’ve turned down help in the past because we didn’t want to inconvenience others. We’ve learned to accept help, but the truth is if there is a need it’s better to just fill it. Military families are under a different type of day-to-day pressure so they aren’t always thinking clearly when it comes to outside help. Please, if you feel led to serve, just do so.



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