Why are We Being Lied to About the Project Drill into the Earth’s Mantle?

Since the world of science became pawns to the governments who pay them some years ago, they haven’t been able to come up with any new discoveries that benefit human kind like curing cancer, heart disease, or any other deadly disease. The same applies to any new discovery in actual renewable energy resources that just might replace fossil fuels, instead they rely on wind and solar as the primary prospects. The problem with these renewable sources is, they have such a minute percentage of energy production such as wind having less than 1% in power production and solar, just slightly above that which makes them mere science projects that should not even be on the market. As it is, they are costing us millions and giving us nothing in return.
Recently, the science community has released news of their desire to drill into the earth’s mantle to give them a better understanding of the origins of nature on the planet. The project is estimated to cost about a billion dollars. Billed as the first time scientists will drill into the earth’s mantle, the project proposes to deep sea drill from 1 of 3 prospective locations in the Pacific Ocean.
The most absurd fact about this latest waste of time, money, and effort is this has already been done decades ago in Russia. The project known as the Kola Super Deep Borehole began in May 1970 on the Kola Peninsula with a goal of drilling to a depth of 49,000 ft. The project was discontinued at a depth of 40,000 ft. when high temperatures made it impossible to dig any further.
There was also a project to drill into the mantle in 2015 in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa. This project was estimated to also cost 1 billion dollars.

The point is, they are lying about this latest effort being the first time this has been done. It should also be known that the necessity of drilling another hole is moot, since they can learn anything from the Kola hole and others, they could learn from digging a new one.
This is just the latest fiasco that ends up costing people billions of dollars and is as worthless and unnecessary as is most scientific projects coming from this genre. We will never have a genuine science community that offers solutions via discovery, until we remove governments as their main source of funding. 
Today, we have a science community that is only interested in political agendas, not real discoveries.
If we look at this project from a political prospective, the government could only be interested in 3 possibilities, a new source of energy, some sort of military plan to be able to create disastrous earthquakes at will, or the extreme possibility that they may be searching for the fabled inner earth civilization that Nazi Germany was so interested in finding. Since space has literally become militarized over the past few decades it would not surprise anyone that such a project as this would also be for military purposes.   
The military possibility would also answer the question of why they are not willing to use the Kola site, simply because the Russian government would not allow it under those circumstances. 

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Tony Elliott

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