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Teacher Bullies Special Needs Student

You expect some children to have problems with bullying – both being bullied and being a bully. It’s something that many children go through as they learn to empathize with others… but when you see an adult bullying a child it can be shocking. Especially when that adult is an elementary school teacher.

Nicole McVey is a teacher at Oaktree Elementary School in Goodrich, Michigan and she was recently unmasked as the cruel bully of a 10 year old with Asperger’s Syndrome. How was she found out? Well, she recorded herself, and her principal, taunting the ten year old who had just gotten himself stuck in a chair.

The video shows the pupil struggling to free himself from the furniture.

In the background, fifth-grade teacher McVey is heard mocking the youngster before Ellis chips in and starts to do the same.

She asks the boy whether he wants to be tasered and, on telling the kid maintenance is on their way with help, Ellis is heard stating, “It’s not really an emergency in their book.”

McVey bizarrely emailed the incriminating video to co-workers who ended up forwarding it to school administrators.

Ellis has since resigned from his post, while McVey is now facing tenure charges and could be fired.

“You hear of bullying by other students and other kids in class … but I have never had a case with teachers and administrators bullying,” said attorney Patrick Greenfelder, for the boy’s family.

The incident took place at Oaktree Elementary School in Goodrich, Mich. The principal has since resigned and the teacher who filmed the incident could be fired.

Greenfelder also revealed that his clients were considering filing a lawsuit.

It’s not clear why McVey filmed the incident on a cellphone.

What a disgusting display. The question is what actions will the school district take and will the response be with the students best interest in mind?



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