Trump Must Declare ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization After the Amtrak Derailment

The deadly AMTRAK train derailment near Seattle, Washington on 12/18/2017, now confirms 6 dead and some 77 hospitalized out of 78 passengers and 5 crew members. Several cars were crushed on Interstate 5 as train cars fell from the train tracks above. Several injuries to motorists were reported, but as of yet, no deaths.
The cause of the derailment is still under investigation, some suspect the train was speeding when it came to a curve in the tracks, others are saying there was something on the track causing it to derail. 

This was the first run on this track for AMTRAK that was part of a new high speed service between Portland, OR and Seattle, WA, this new track was also going to carry crude oil fracking equipment to and from various destinations.
The fact that these tracks were to be used in the transport of fracking equipment and other fossil fuel related products has caused protests in the area for weeks where the derailment occurred that did leave the tracks littered with debris left there by protesters. 

A more ominous sign of possible sabotage is a threat to cement the tracks to deliberately cause a derailment that was issued by the group ANTIFA in April of this year. This threat which appeared on their website has since been removed, but unfortunately for them, too many remember the threat, as well as many other threats of the same nature to this train track made by them since. 

Whether ANTIFA did sabotage the train tracks that caused the derailment or not, the fact remains, they made it known, publicly that they thought about it. Which given their record of civil unrest, riots, the resulting billion dollar price tag on property damage worldwide, deaths, and physical injury to thousands shows they are very willing and capable of such a terrorist act.
Going back as far as the Ferguson Riots in 2014, both BLM and ANTIFA have been busy ever since being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people. When it comes to violence, these two groups have far surpassed all other United States hate groups such as the Klu Klux Klan and various chapters of Nazi groups from the amount of property damage to people killed, both as a direct result of their actions, or indirectly. In the short time since the Ferguson Riots, these two groups have earned their label as terrorist groups. The Department of Homeland Security has labeled ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist group as has the FBI labeled BLM a domestic terror threat, and with great cause.
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Many are unaware that both BLM and ANTIFA have splinter cells disguised under other names scattered around the world as they do here in the US. BLM for example has a local chapter in New Orleans, LA by the name of Take Em Down NOLA, this name was chosen because of BLM’s push to get rid of Confederate Monuments in the South, beginning with the city of NOLA. 
ANTIFA splinter cells worldwide are basically dormant having one or two organizers in each area that are activated on a moment’s notice via the local representatives. 
ANTIFA is anti-fascist in name only as their words and actions prove otherwise in every case. They have even met with leaders of ISIS and Al Qaeda.


Both BLM and ANTIFA are the very definition of international terrorists in every aspect. President Trump needs to officially declare both BLM and ANTIFA as international terrorist organizations and begin the process of arresting known members based on current laws permitting police raids and arrests of individuals based on their affiliation with known terrorist organizations, whether they are directly or indirectly involved with these groups.

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