NFL Player Curses Police When Arrested [VIDEO]

Joe Scudder
Written by Joe Scudder

In response to a complaint, police ended up arresting NFL player Malik McDowell and it was recorded.

NFL player Malik McDowell is on the roster for the Seattle Seahawks. In fact, his four-year contract is for $6.5 million. So, this video of his arrest in Atlanta, Georgia, toward a black female officer no less, gives us a chance to observe black privilege in action.

Several of this man’s teammates refused to stand for the National Anthem because of how the police allegedly mistreat blacks.

The Daily Mail reports, “‘You’ll be a broke b***h for the rest of your life’: Body camera video shows Seattle Seahawks defensive end, 21, verbally abusing police officers and bragging about his earnings after he was arrested at a nightclub.

Officers then tried to get McDowell into the back of the police car to take him to jail on suspicion of disorderly conduct, prompting the Seahawks player to spout forth a torrent of profanities at the officers, whom he repeatedly called ‘dumba** n****rs’ and ‘brokea** n****rs.’

In the body camera video documenting McDowell’s arrest, which was also obtained by WILX, the 21-year-old NFL player justifies the verbal abuse directed at the cops by boasting about his prosperity.

‘B***h, I got money, that’s why I can talk s**t…you’ll be a broke b***h for the rest of your life,’ he rants. ‘B***h, I got lawyer money…I’m rich, b***h, dumbass n***er…I got a lot of f***ing money, you brokea** n***res.’


Even after he was handcuffed and bundled into the back of the squad car, McDowell carried on berating the cops in the harshest of terms – and arguing that as a top-bracket taxpayer, he had the right to do so.

‘I paid a million in taxes this f***ing year. If I wanna call that b***h a b***h, I can,’ he tells the male officer, referring to his female partner. ‘Yes, I can. If I wanna call every officer a b***h, I can.’

Read the entire Daily Mail story.

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