Golfer Fires Caddie Mid-Round

I am a baseball guy. I can sit and watch just about any team play baseball for any length of time. I love watching baseball. I cannot say the same thing about golf. I know that it’s popular and lots of people really enjoy playing and/or watching the game, but I just don’t get it.

I’ve even tried to learn to play the game better so I could use it as a way to connect with my father-in-law who loves the game. I had some friends tell me that the way they really enjoy kicking back is to get out on the golf course and just spend a nice relaxing afternoon out there. I have decided that these friends are liars who simply wanted to see my blood pressure shoot up a couple of hundred points.

A few years back I tried to take on this “relaxing” game… big mistake. I went out and bought myself a set of garage sale clubs, called a couple of buddies from work, and we hit the links. By the end of the day, many of my clubs were gone (some in the woods, some in a small pond that also still has a few of my golf balls), and I hadn’t relaxed a bit. In fact, I was about as stressed as I’ve ever been. If anyone ever tells you that hitting a little golf ball 300+ yards into a small cup in the ground is relaxing, don’t believe them. It’s actually downright infuriating.

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So I understand what might have happened to golfer Jessica Korda this weekend at the US Open. Apparently, she and her caddie had an argument during a point in the tournament when Jessica was not playing so well, and she lost her cool. (Note to self: arguing with a golfer when they’re having a rough game is a bad idea; avoid.)

Afterwards, Korda did her level best to try and make herself out to be a nice person who is not prone to rash and crazy decisions, like firing your caddie in the middle of a round at a major golf tournament.

you're fired.”I care about Jason a lot. He is a great guy… That’s just how it happens sometimes in life. That was one of those things today that it just unfolded. It was very hard for me to do. I’m not that type of person to take these things really easily.”

Again, I know nothing about golf so maybe this type of thing happens all the time – but it seems a lot like firing your coach in the middle of a game.

Anywho, all of that to say – I get it Jessica, I totally do. If I were a professional golfer I’d probably fire hundreds of people. How can someone be expected to keep a level head when trying to hit a tiny ball into a tiny cup three or four football fields away? Can’t be done, I say.

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