Mayor De Blasio Lives in the Third City

The NY Post on Friday, February 21st, recognized that de Blasio subscribes to the hypocrite’s rubric—“Do as I say not as I do.”  He “preaches safe roads and transparency in government, yet on Thursday, his SUV blew past stop signs, andon Wednesday, he and his wife Chirlane had a secret meeting with Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.”

All of which goes to prove that de Blasio denigrates a Tale of Two Cities but lives in a Tale of Three Cities. He insults the rich while he makes exceptions for his political class.  The Third City is the privilege of elective office.  De Blasio has the luxury of springing his friend (Bishop Findlayter) from jail and breaking all the traffic laws even when he has proposed to eliminate all city traffic death by 2024.

The Tale of Two Cities between the rich and the poor is a ruse set up by De Blasio to distract the public from the bullying pulpit of his Third City, the urban center of politics.  He wants the ordinary citizens to hate the rich so that they don’t notice the politicians grabbing  privilege.

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De Blasio is reminiscent of what?  The fair share, communistic theory of Obama.  He wants the rich and the poor to get their programmatic fair share, which is not much.  Then Obama posits his third share, the luxury and power of being a spoiled arrogant president ensconced in his Third City, “The White House.”

Obama is the third life style like De Blasio is the third city.  They both lie to cities one and two.  Then they slip their hands into our avenues and steal the street signs of our cities, leaving us lost, vacant and broke.

rulebreakerA Tale of Two Cities is an antiquated story. It is the third, selfish, arrogant city of Obama and De Blasio that Dickens would have written if he were part of the twenty-first century.

And on February 22nd de Blasio once again showed that he believes that he lives in a special, spoiled city among elite politicos by crossing against red lights while chatting on his cellphone.  He pretends he wants to end traffic accidents yet he jaywalks.

Bratton, once an independent thinker, now acts like de Blassio’s flunky excusing his earlier going through red lights, “When you’re traveling in a convoy, the second vehicle’s principle function is to stay with the first vehicle.”

What he left out is that it is the first vehicle’s function to keep the car behind him in sight and not leave a dignitary to himself.

Well, jumping lights and jaywalking are alright in de Blasio’s Third City.  He has created a little self-protected world for himself while he strangles the normal citizens with stupid regulations and taxes.

I might even forgive him if he were just a selfish slob but I am sickened by his wearing the mantle of self-righteousness and pretending that he is here to help the people.

I am the people.  Meaningless, hypocritical speeches don’t help me at all.  You might pass that along to your rhetorical twin, Obama.


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David Lawrence

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