America Will Survive – Only if No Democrat is Ever Elected President Again

America and our people are experiencing tumultuous events, public rancor, unspeakable insults to our elected leaders and their supporters, along with bloody riots and deadly attacks on law enforcement, private citizens, and recently, even elected Republican Members of Congress. The primary cause of the turmoil, hatred and violence on an unprecedented scale, is the reformation of the Democratic Party as a far-left “Hate Group.”

The Democratic Party has become so radical, Marxist and insurrectionist, that Party Democrats and their Democratic, Socialist, Marxist, Islamist, and Globalist, allies, have become so evil and full of hate of any and all things that represent what is great in America, that they are determined to overthrow President Trump and his administration. On November 4, one of these radical, far left and violent groups, “ANTIFA”, has publicly planned and announced their intent to start a revolution to overthrow Mr. Trump and Vice President Trump, by any means necessary, and to fight for as long necessary, to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States.

Numerous Conservatives and Republicans have openly admitted that the Democratic Party, along with “RINO’s in Republican ranks, who advocate wide-open borders and unlimited legal and illegal immigration, are working to destroy America in two ways: (1) overwhelm the social services and welfare systems with poor and uneducated illegal aliens, while perpetuating “cheap labor” (a euphemism for exploitation of illegal immigrant workers); (2) to overrun America with tens of millions of the poor, uneducated and politically and economically dependent, ultimately changing American demographics, politics and culture, so that no Republican or Conservative will ever again win a national election, for President nor control of Congress and the Judiciary.

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In an earlier published work, this writer pointed out that, the election of the evil and criminal Hillary Clinton as President, to follow through and finish the suicidal policies enacted during the 8 year “reign of terror” of Barack Obama, would have with near certainty have resulted in the destruction of the American democratic republic prior to the end of her Presidency.

The Democrats and their political allies, hate America as represented by the law abiding, Constitutional Republic that, in the words of  the Founding Fathers, was “ to promote the

general welfare”. The Democratic Party of today, works diligently and with great malice aforethought, to divide, fractionalize, tribalize and Balkanize, America, through “Identity Politics”, resulting in small minority interest groups to dominate Democratic Party Policy, and thus, buy the vote of the electorate with what Roman Empire historians called “ Bread and Circuses”.

Whether the minority interest group is the poor African Americans in inner cities; the tiny percent of Americans who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender; the 12-20 million illegal aliens, mostly from Latin America; or, the small percentage of super-wealthy Wall Street investors and large, multinational corporations, the Democratic Party caters to each small but noisy interest group at the expense of the vast majority of ordinary, hard working, law abiding American citizens. Thus, the Democratic Party is the party whose working policy is what this writer calls, “Tyranny of the Minority”.

Day after day, year after year, election after election, Democrats champion the rights of a tiny minority, such as the LGBT lobby, above the rights of the 96% + Americans who are not LGBT.

In election after election, Democrats advocate the right of a woman to be an irresponsible child murderer (abortion) over the right to life and other human rights of unborn children.

Similarly, Democrats, whose delegates at the 2016 Democratic National Convention loudly booed in reaction to a proposal to include God in the party platform – advocate the rights of gays, lesbians and transgendered above the rights of the “moral and Christian majority” to freedom of religion and freedom of speech.  In the minds of the Democratic Party, all of the “special interest groups” deserve special, preferential treatment, while the mainstream of American society, those hard-working, law-abiding, Christian and moral majority, deserve only “second class citizenship” at best.

One year ago, during the 2016 Presidential election campaign, both the Democratic Party as well as the “Never Trump” establishment “Republicans-in-name-only, e.g., “RINOs” threw everything they and their allies could muster, no matter how mean and unseemly, no matter whether legal or illegal, against Donald Trump, in order to get Hillary Clinton elected President by whatever means necessary. We all know, the abuse, lies, fake dossiers, witch hunts by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the obscenities and assassination threats thrown about by Hollywood celebrities and irresponsible Democrats, in what is already a year-long effort to not only obstruct Trump, but to force Mr. Trump out of office. Mob rule is not what America has ever been about; however, mob rule has become exactly what the Democratic Party is all about ! 

In the election campaign of 2016, the conditions in America and our future as a nation were so dire, that the election of Hillary Clinton would have meant the end of the Free Republic and the methodical reconstruction of a Marxist, Globalist dictatorship run by Radical Socialists and Multinational Corporations.  The Constitution and Bill of Rights mean nothing to the Democratic Party other than obstructing and frustrating their collective evil plans for our nation. During this past year, having experienced the wild-eyed fury and anarchist attitudes, totally rejecting the election of Donald Trump as President, Americans have witnessed the true nature and immoral ambitions of the Democratic Party.  In an earlier published work, this writer coined the phrase describing the surprise election of Donald Trump, as “America’s Hezekiah Moment”; Israel’s King Hezekiah, who was terminally ill but feared for the future of his people in Israel after his death, prayed to God for an extension of his reign.  God answered Hezekiah’s prayers by granting the King 15 more years of life.

The election of Donald Trump as President, was our “Hezekiah Moment”, because his Presidency granted America several more years of life as a Free Republic, to allow an opportunity to “reverse course” and return to the Moral and Righteous nation we have historically been, before it is too late. Conservative, Christian, hard-working and law-abiding Americans breathed a sign of relief and rejoiced as Trump was elected and began taking bold and decisive action to rebuild a shattered America.  However;  the “ANTIFA  Revolution” coming to 14 major cities on November 4, the established hatred and violence of “Black Lives Matter”, ANTIFA, and other insurrectionist, criminal groups, including the “Organizing for Action” group founded by Barack Obama and financed largely by George Soros and Paul Singer, should send chills up and down the spine of Conservatives, Christians and Patriots !

Americans, especially Conservatives, Christians and other Patriots are hereby soberly warned by this writer, that these thugs and violent revolutionaries will never give up until an even more determined federal, state and local governments, along with concerned citizens across our nation, meet this threat head-on until this evil enemy is destroyed, either by imprisonment or killed in large numbers by armed defense.  Armed force is the only language these insurrectionists and their patron, the Democratic Party, appear to understand.

American Patriots, stand your ground.  Take this fight for control and restoration of America as a free and righteous republic, to this enemy.  We must prevail, because, American Patriots, this nation, Under God, will survive – but only so long as we do not allow ever again the Democratic Party to regain control of our government.  Should another Democrat be elected President, and especially combined with Democrats again controlling Congress and our Judiciary, it will mean destruction and the end of the United States of America.  To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, who was President the last time our nation was this bitterly divided, “we must do what is right, as God grants us the ability to see the right”.  Please pray to Our Father in Heaven, that he will allow America to again shine our “beacon of light and freedom” to the World, and to our own countrymen.

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Dale Summitt

Dale Summitt, a passionate writer, public speaker and consultant on public policy, Christian advocacy, education and other issues, is Owner & C.E.O. of Trailblazing America, guardian of America's Christian Faith, Constitution and Bill of Rights, by trailblazing new pathways to Liberty, Justice and Virtue. A veteran career educator and a fundamentalist, evangelical Christian, he is a veteran of the Constitutional Conservative side of the " Culture Wars ", during his long and successful career in teaching and educational leadership in both public and private schools. Battling to preserve morality and high academic standards, Mr. Summitt devoted many years to confronting the dark forces of the radical left who seek to indoctrinate students with liberal and immoral doctrines and threatening to destroy our nation from within.

Mr. Summitt is a " true believer " in the Constitutional principles of limited self-government and the preservation of liberty and freedom enshrined in our Bill of Rights, as well as a firm adherent to a Christian worldview. Believing as a Christian educator and writer that education and intellect is wasted on anyone lacking moral character, he is determined to use his writing abilities to help restore the greatness and Exceptionalism of America and preserve the Judeo-Christian culture that has existed since our nation's founding.

Mr. Summitt resides in a rural area of the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas with his loving wife and family. He is constructing a new website and will soon be back online at

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