The Case for Lucas Overby FL CD#13

If you live in west-central Florida’s 13th Congressional district – you know that the 2014 political season has begun with a BANG! Republican David Jolly and Democrat Alex Sink (the failed gubernatorial candidate) have been slinging mud back and forth like their lives depended on it. It may all be growing tiresome. Our man in St. Petersburg, Andy Mounts, has a 3rd alternative that you Florida folks may not have considered. His name is Lucas Overby and he is a dynamo. We’ll let Andy explain…

I am not what most would call a lover of politics.  For years I viewed voting as a chore, reluctant to dig into the real core of issues.  I’d say I’m not alone in this.  With as many changes that happen locally, statewide and federally every Election Day, it’s a wonder We The People show up at all.  ‘Save this landmark’ or ‘Let’s not stand in the way of progress’ are generic billboards and commercials to inundate us to a point past maddening.

Speaking of commercials, as someone living in Congressional District 13, every time I turn on the TV until March 11th, the programs will be overrun by smear ads, he said/she said snippets and even ‘look what so and so did with YOUR money’.  Seriously, who even cares anymore?  We The People know that politicians are about as scummy as lawyers.  Do you really have to spend millions of dollars on a poorly shot commercial to tell us Alex Sink took a trip to the Bahamas with OUR money or David Jolly just a lobbyist in representative’s clothing?

I say no.  I say to Hell with all the political bashing.  Tell me how you’re going to work to fix what’s broken.  Tell me what you’re going to do about the fact that I can’t get sinkhole insurance for my house any more.  Tell me something other than the political double talk those in Pinellas County have grown to despise.  Do you even know your voters?  I think not.  But, seeing how our little neck of the woods is in the national spotlight for the next few weeks, these ads aren’t going to go away.  Thank the good Lord for DVR, amirite?

Lucas Overby and Andy Mounts

                    Lucas Overby and Andy Mounts

So, in walks Lucas Overby; a young, charismatic, yet reluctant politician.  I feel that he wouldn’t be vying for a House seat if there were someone else.  But alas, there’s not.  So here we are.  Libertarian candidate that’s NOT out to make a statement.  No friends, he’s here to win.  He’s here to fix what ails us.  He’s here to break the mold of a two party system.  HE’S HERE TO SAVE THE DAY!  Too much?  Yeah, that last one kinda got away from me.

But seriously folks, this guy is the real deal.  If you don’t believe me, check out February 3rd’s debate among David Jolly, Alex Sink and Lucas Overby here (  Don’t worry, I’ll wait.  My personal favorite happens when Jolly and Sink are arguing about the ACA and Overby steps in to reprimand them both.  ‘Neither one of you are working to fix the problem’.

‘Andy, is this guy out to make a statement with his candidacy?’  ‘We all know third partiers don’t stand a chance against the money the two big parties throw at elections.’  To this I say that you haven’t been paying attention.  I imagine on the national stage, there are only two candidates, but if you ask potential voters here who Lucas Overby is, chances are you’ll get someone that’s heard his name.

We are embarking on future history March 11th.  This promises to be a day when real core values stand up to big money; a day when We The People vote for the best person for the job…not the lesser of two evils.  This irritates me to no end.  ‘Lesser of two evils’ is still evil, folks.  It’s why We The People are in the predicament we’re in.

Here’s the point of the article where I’d be asking, “Why should I care?  What sets him apart?  Why does he deserve my vote?”  I’m glad I asked for you and I’ll tell you now.

First and foremost, he currently works as a commercial diver in Pinellas County.  Why should this matter?  The company has less than 25 employees meaning he knows all about how rotten healthcare in our area is if you decide to work for a small company.  He’s living it.  He’s living, eating and breathing it.  This means he’s also well aware of the challenges small businesses face day in and day out.  Can David Jolly say that?

Second, he lives here.  I mean really lives here.  I know Alex Sink now lives in Feather Sound, but will she if she loses?  I know I want someone who knows how ridiculous it is to drive on 19 between East Bay and Gulf to Bay at 5:30 in the afternoon.  I want someone who is going to meet me where I am.

That leads me to point number three.  He’s getting his name out there the old fashioned way, by meeting people where they live.  I went on and looking for meet and greets and only found that you as a constituent can host a meet and greet, but it’s unclear if David Jolly will show up.  However, last night I went to Ferg’s Sports Bar and Grill, a St Petersburg staple, to meet with Lucas.  He didn’t talk like a politician.  He didn’t act like a politician.  However, he was tremendously wise well beyond his years.  He didn’t dance around questions, nor was he at any point in time that I saw, disinterested with being around his constituents.

I found this to be both shocking and comforting.  He has ideas.  He has an agenda.  He has an intelligent group of people surrounding him.  When people talked, he listened.  When over zealous patrons were hassling people passing by, he intervened and talked to them like the people they are.

He truly is the representation of this area and needs your vote.  So, can he win?  Absolutely!  I believe that if We The People vote with our hearts instead of our better judgment, we’re sure to get the candidate we desperately need for Pinellas County.

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Andy Mounts

Andy Mounts is the finance manager of a small business in the Tampa Bay area. He was once a pirate sailing the Tampa Bay waters in search of booty. After years of lackluster results he settled into the world of finance. He has an interesting perspective on daily events and has finally arrived to provide Eagle Rising with his unique insights.

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