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Shots Fired! Lisa Booth Inquires: ‘Where’s Kimmel’s Passionate Speech About Weinstein?’

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

Oh sugar honey iced tea! Shots have been fired and now we wait….

Jimmy Kimmel is making waves as of lately with his fake tears and presidential bashing on what is supposed to be a comedy show. He ditched the jokes and is desperately pushing a political agenda……one of which no one is buying.

His two big touching points were on health care and gun control.

So, since Kimmel wants to be ‘Super Political Man’ now, and stick his nose where it doesn’t belong…..why isn’t he calling out pedophiles and rapists for their behavior? I mean, it’s the least he could do in the midsts of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, right? Where is his “passionate speech” on the topic?

Lisa Booth is questioning this, and called him out on Fox News.

Booth said, “He has been silent. Crickets.”

Fox News Insider reports:

She also called Hillary Clinton a hypocrite for repeatedly speaking about women’s issues and women’s empowerment, but then remaining silent about the Weinstein allegations for five days after the story broke.

Boothe noted that NBC spent hours reporting on President Donald Trump’s infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, yet they canned the bombshell report about Weinstein.

“All of these individuals are complete frauds,” Boothe added.

Heather McDonald also put late night comedians on blast for their silence when it comes to the Weinstein sexual harassment but had plenty to say about Trump.

She said, “For them being in Hollywood it might just not be worth it to make fun of Harvey Weinstein and the Weinstein company.”

She added, “It does get a little tiring. There are people who would love to have a choice of watching something that could take their mind off all the turmoil that’s going on in our world.”

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