Mexicans Not Worried about Border Wall

Joe Scudder
Written by Joe Scudder

A reporter asked Tijuana residents what they think of the planned border wall and found they don’t care.

In a sense, when asked about a border wall, Mexicans in Tijuana believe in America First more than Democrats. They think that the project is an American concern and they can do whatever they want to secure their borders. Besides, they are used to some kind of barrier protecting the U.S. border at the Southern end of California. It is no big deal.

The San Diego Union Tribune reports, “Border wall no novelty for Tijuana residents.

“We see a wall every day,” said Ariosto Manrique, a market research expert. “It’s not an issue for us, it’s part of the landscape.”

Interviewed Friday morning at the Tijuana children’s science museum, El Trompo, Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum, was unperturbed. “If the United States wants to build a wall that’s 1,000 feet, or 2,000 feet, it’s their right, it’s their country,” Gastélum said. “If they said they were going to build one in Tijuana, well, that’s another question.”

But President Trump doesn’t want to build a wall in Tijuana.

Like her neighbors in Rancho Escondido, Fernández said it’s been a quiet place to live, though the presence of two burned vehicles in recent weeks has been cause for concern.

In that sense, living by the border is a good thing, said her neighbor, María Magdalena Palacios, a former resident of Los Angeles: “We benefit by the presence of police and soldiers,” she said.


Moisés Peraza, whose house sits some 200 yards from the border fence, has had little time to contemplate what might be happening on the other side. He’s been busy at home, sewing school uniforms to support his family.

“Until you told me, I didn’t even know about it,” he said.

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