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Socialite Journalist Claims She Casted Hexes that Killed 3 People

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

I actually laughed upon seeing this report, and that was the moment I knew that I had to write on it.

Journalist and Washing socialite Sally Quinn, former wife of Washington Post Editor Ben Bradless, thinks that she is personally responsible for deaths of people that she put a “hex” on.

Her new book touches on the three people she allegedly hexed and how she believes it led to their deaths. She also admits to be an Occultist in the book titled, “Finding Magic.”

Quinn says she feels guilty about her hexes and won’t do them anymore. She also says she refuses to cast a spell on President Trump as some of her friends have asked.

Believe me, since Trump was elected, and since the election, I can’t tell you how many friends have asked me to put a hex on Donald Trump, and I won’t do it,” Quinn said in a book interview with USA Today. “I just said no. I don’t do that anymore.”

Quinn also claims all the women in her family are psychic. She said her mother also put hexes on two people who died.

She spoke about her mother also hexing two people who died. She said, “They were two people who had hurt me very badly and she just said to both of them, ‘I hope you drop dead,’ and they did, and I saw her do it.”

Quinn claims, “I had never done it before. What I wanted to have happen was for them to feel what I had felt. I didn’t mean for them to die,” in reference to three people who allegedly hurt her in her 20’s and 30’s.

She added, “I’m not going into total detail,” she said. “There’s sort of a ritual. I light candles and music and fire and notes and that kind of thing. I just sort of made it up. This was what I had seen. Unfortunately, bad things happened to these three people over the period of five years.”

Speaking of the three people she put hexes on, Quinn said: “One person died right away, another person got fired immediately and then died, and then the other one died right away.”

She said her brother convinced her not to do hexes anymore and she hasn’t done it since.

Quinn, a former CBS and Washington Post reporter, was married to Bradlee until his death in 2014.

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Keely Sharp

Keely Sharp

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