Texas Freedom Fighter Gohmert Takes on D.C.

One of America’s most courageous freedom fighters is Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert.  Just like many conservatives, Rep. Gohmert is not thrilled with the lackluster performance of some of his colleagues in D.C.

Rep. Gohmert has given PolitiChicks.tv the exclusive scoop regarding his newly released GOH Conservative PAC and as always, Rep. Gohmert doesn’t mince his words or monitor any of his opinions.

A-M:  As usual, you’re trying to save America so thank you for that.  Why a PAC?

Rep. Gohmert: The inspiration was from Jim DeMint, when he was in the Senate and decided to start a conservative fund.  The problem Congressmen run into, and Senators, is you’re trying to stand up and do the right thing and then you’re told, ‘the leaders of our party are the ones that raise you the money and help you out in your next campaign’.  They tell you that regardless of what you think you should do, you need to help out the team.

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I believe the team ought to be America, not a Party.  Let’s save America first–let’s help America; doing the right thing has it’s own reward.  We started the PAC in order to be a source that can show people that you can be conservative and raise money, and we will help you.  When this PAC gives money to your campaign, people across America will know that this individual has lived up to certain perimeters, following the Constitution, doing what’s right for America.  This is a PAC that will help true conservatives.

A-M: What’s going on with Congress; is there any type of unity happening? 

louiegohmertRep. Gohmert: Of course we have a Republican conference meeting once a week, like the one this week where Speaker Boehner announced that we were not going to demand anything in return for raising the debt ceiling, which is basically going to be a trillion dollars that we just say, “Oh sure, go spend that, go do what you will.” These people don’t have a problem with spending a trillion more in the upcoming year.  It’s just immoral–we’re spending future generation’s money!  These folks have waged a war on our children; that’s what it amounts to.

A-M:  Seriously, what the heck happened there?  Why was there no fight for the debt ceiling at all?  Is this perhaps some genius, diabolical political to set up the Democrats for the upcoming elections or was it just plain stupid?

Rep. Gohmert:  I wish I could say it’s part of a plan.  The truth is it feels very much like what was announced to us at our annual retreat back in 2006.  Republicans had the super majority yet our Speaker of the House and our newly elected Majority Leader, John Boehner, announced to us that because there was a tiny chance we might lose our majority in the next election, we were not going to do all the things we promised with tax reform and all of that.  He said we’re just going to ‘try to get through the year without raising any fusses’ so that we can retain the majority.  And that’s kind of what it feels like now. We’re going into pre-defense that allows the other party to score trillions of dollars of debt that we don’t have coming in.

It’s just wrong, it’s immoral, and we at least ought to fight; we at least ought to try to take a stand.  But some said no, the mainstream media will blame us for shutting down the government like they did last fall.  Even our own Speaker said we shut it down when it was Harry Reid! The good thing is that more and more conservatives are getting elected to Congress and I suspect there will be more elected this time.  But they need help, and they need to be shown that you can raise money and if you’re standing true to conservatism, you have things like GOH PAC that will help you.

A-M:  Many of your colleagues seem to be terrified to do the right thing, to fight for our conservative principles.  How can this change, and do you think it ever will?

Rep. Gohmert:  We have to assure members of Congress that are more worried about getting reelected–which has been drilled into them–that you can stand up and do the right thing and still raise money, still have a conservative PAC like mine that will help you raise money, will help you fight the battle and it makes it easier to stand up for what’s right.

In my first week going through orientation before I was actually sworn in to Congress, my fellow freshmen were told repeatedly was the most important thing you can do for your country is get reelected.  Well I didn’t believe that then, and I don’t believe it now, but it’s been instilled in so many people on both sides of the aisle.  Sometimes you just have to take a stand and say things that may not initially be popular, but you’ve still got to do it.  But in the meantime, we’ve got to grow the number of people that are willing to stand up for what’s right at any cost–and it helps when they can be encouraged that there are people who will financially stand with them.

A-M:  It sounds like you’re describing our fellow Texan Senator Ted Cruz.  He was beaten and bashed like a piñata after he stood up for us.

Rep. Gohmert:  (laughs) I was thrilled when Ted came into the Senate, that’s why I stayed up with him all night in his filibuster.  We talk time to time and try to strategize between the House and Senate, so I’ve been absolutely thrilled that Ted has stood strong despite the slings and arrows that sometimes come when you do the right thing.

A-M:  I interviewed Sen. Cruz soon after his filibuster and asked if he had been shocked at the backlash.  He said yes, and that he understood why so few politicians are willing to swim against the tide. You’re one of those rare politicians unafraid to speak out, too.  What do you and Ted Cruz, Mike Lee seem to have so much more courage than others?

Rep. Gohmert:  Well, it comes from having your feet firmly implanted on the foundation and I know all three of us have a firm belief in God and when you know that there is eternal truth, you know what C.S. Lewis realized after having been an atheist, that there must be an absolute standard of right and wrong, justice and injustice, and if there weren’t then we could never know that there was justice and injustice. Once you know that, then you know that you are standing for more than just a temporary gain or loss; you’re standing for truth that will be there when time on this earth runs out.

My late mother did a powerful job; she was a brilliant woman but she used to embarrass me and my other siblings when she was at a church or town meeting–up she would stand, to make a point or take somebody on and I’d say ‘Mother, please sit down, you’re embarrassing me!’ and now I’ve pretty much turned into my mother (laughs).  But right is right, wrong is wrong.

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