Obama is Married to Dowdy Liberal Ideas

Obama is wedded to the unattractive, progressive public.  They cohabit a world of liberal ideas.  Their children are ideology, spite, envy and hatred of other philosophical and political points of view.

What a happy family—Obama and his little group of intellectually sloppy, emotive Democrats. The men wear chinos and the women put on pants suits. The men don’t shave.  They kiss each other.  Gross is a label for their thoughts and faces.  The look is the thought and the idea is the appearance.

Obama is married to his followers.  They are the brainwashed incestuous.  They share his ideas like identical twins share faces.

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In a world of divorce and fatherless children, Obama is the pater familias of a tightly knit family of simple- minded liberals.  He is the Democrat Papa. He keeps his constituency together with welfare checks, food stamps and naïve progressivism. He pretends he is a family man but undercuts the basis of family by supporting gay marriage.  He wrecks responsibility and intelligence by approving of legal marijuana.  There are also rumors that he is unfaithful.  Who knows?  I wish he’d be a little unfaithful to his programmed agenda of faux-humanistic ideas, to his enlightened self-destruction.

Obama believes in Hillary’s “It takes a Village.” They are both Alinskyites and radicals.  He promulgates the stupidity of communal bringing up of children.  Perhaps that’s why he visualizes same sex parents replacing heterosexual parents in his perverted village.

While he is clueless about social values, he operates with the emotional rigor of a strict father towards his electorate.  He is a dictator in an American society that has no tradition of oligarchy. He rules by executive order, czars, the telephone and the pen.

Obama is the greatest black father in the world.  While numerous black men leave their pregnant girlfriends or end up in jail, he keeps his little Democrat progeny together like a big unhappy family.  His loyal followers pay obeisance to his worn out liberal ideas and his misleading rhetoric. Obama is a hip-hop rhyme that depends more on sound than meaning. He is ornate oratory without a core.

Obama sleeps emotionally and politically with all of his Democrats as if they were girlfriends.  They dream that he has been a beautiful fantasy instead of a fiscal, Middle Eastern and military nightmare.

Obama’s has a long term stormy affair with Republicans.  He f…cks them every chance he gets.  He blames everything on them, claiming that his bad reputation and his failure to improve the economy is because Fox News or Rush Limbaugh or the Congress have distracted him from his love affair with the American people and his overwhelming desire to improve the plight of the Middle Class whom he has personally bankrupted.

Obama tells his voters that he will end income inequality while he hides behind the walls of one of the most lavish homes in the world—the White House. I don’t see him attacking income inequality by leaving the White House and moving into a split level house in Levittown. Even Pope Francis refused to live in the Papal chambers.

obama hollywood 3547653Obama likes luxury, bling, stars and Hollywood. At sixteen I was a nouveau riche Jew living in Great Neck. I know Obama’s type.  He is what I was.  He is what I later rejected. I wanted to bring joy and goodness to the black people.  But I didn’t know any black people except for our maid.

Obama wastes more money than any other president.  He pretends that he is a middle class sympathizer while he is a millionaire.  He spreads inequality by turning away forty thousand jobs for starving Americans by refusing to allow the XL Pipeline entrance into the United States.

He is destroying hundreds of thousands of jobs in the coal industry and exacerbating unemployment rather than solving it.  He brags that he wants to give his flock longer lasting unemployment checks while he puts unproven environmental concerns above jobs and shears his dumb little sheep of possibilities, guaranteeing that their unemployment will be longer.

Instead of solving income equality for all of us he has increased our average debt by 2400 and increased our national debt by seven trillion dollars.

Is President Obama’s idea of income equality, making everyone in the country similarly broke?

The irrational approach of Obama towards politics is that he regards his ideas like dates with hookers.

He wants to get off on them.  His major squeeze is Obama care.  He danced into office with her when he promised to improve the economy.

Obama care has hurt our economy like a girl who has cheated on is.  But Obama still protects her like she is true blue and faithful.  Obama protects his Obama care like a showy date. He blames the Republicans for his failures even thought they were banned from legislating healthcare..

doctors-against-obamacareHe came into office to improve the job situation.  Instead he concentrated on Obama care.  The CBO has just reported that it will probably cost us the equivalent of two million jobs. What is he doing about it?  Nothing?  How can he?  He denies it and every other negative flash bulletin about him. He uses bad news as an excuse for another empty speech mocking Republicans.

Obama’s socialist dream was doctors for all but he ended taking away doctors from most.  Imagine any president taking away people’s healthcare while pretending that he was expanding it. This is personal. This is evil on an intimate level.

The Affordable Health Care Acts hurts.  This is the greatest crime a president has ever committed.  He makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy.  Welcome to Obama’s world of well-pronounced babble.  Welcome to death with a sophisticated face.  Welcome to millions of people throughout the country waking up to letters that they no longer have healthcare. Welcome to their dying in their own beds because they no longer have a hospital that accepts them.

Obama is swallowing his own words. His teleprompter looks like corn on the cob stuck in his teeth.

Betrayal is a Democrat justifying the unjustifiable—Obama’s reign.


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David Lawrence

David Lawrence

David Lawrence has a Ph.D. in literature. He has published over 200 blogs, 600 poems, a memoir “The King of White-Collar Boxing,” several books of poems, including “Lane Changes.” Both can be purchased on Amazon.com. He was a professional boxer and a CEO. Last year he was listed in New York Magazine as the 41st reason to love New York.

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