What The Media Isn’t Telling US About Charlottesville, How BLM and ANTIFA Incited The Violence

As usual, we have a distorted view coming from the main media concerning the Unite the Right rally that took place in Charlottesville, VA Saturday, 12/2017. According to them, we basically had a violent demonstration by white supremacists that resulted in 3 deaths, 32 injured.

Two more deaths have been added to the count. One, was a 32 year old woman who was killed when a car ran into the crowd of opposing demonstrators. Then the crash of a helicopter two hours later, killing two, has been linked to the event.

It is not surprising that we are not getting the full story from the propaganda media on this event, since they of course, choose to politicize it, rather than report actual happenings on it.

The Unite the Right rally was a protest against the removal of Confederate Monuments in Charlottesville in particular, and of their removal in other areas of the country in general. The UTR demonstration would have been nothing more than a statement made in opposition of the movement to erase heritage and history via the removal of these monuments, if not for the counter rally that began almost as soon as this demonstration did.
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What we conveniently are not told by the main media is the counter demonstrators immediately began pepper spraying, spitting on, and shouting obscenities at UTR demonstrators. This of course, shows that the counter demonstrators showed up with the intention of inciting violence.

The UTR demonstration was a planned event, thus those associated with the counter rally had plenty of time to plan their rally to instigate violence.

The groups behind the counter protest are Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA who themselves have a long history of inciting violence and intolerance.

BLM and ANTIFA are violent radical Leftist groups who are nothing more than international terrorist organizations in every sense of the word. BLM and ANTIFA have headquarters scattered throughout the United States and the world. They are solely responsible for millions of dollars in damage to public and private property, injuries to thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars lost to looting, and the deaths of hundreds of people, via their organized violence. Thus, for those who believe these groups are innocent of being responsible for deaths as a direct result of their organized violence are dead wrong.

The KKK and Nazis are of course, involved with any movement concerning the Caucasian race, if in no other way than supporting such movements, both have a long history of violence as well. I do not endorse these groups either. The hate they spew is as bad as the BLM and ANTIFA, but they are rapidly catching up with the White supremacists in this genre. The BLM and ANTIFA made a splash beginning with the Ferguson riots and have

href=”http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-08-12-best-explanation-yet-of-what-happened-in-charlottesville-stefan-molyneux-and-faith-goldy-report-the-truth-you-wont-hear-in-the-media.html”> rapidly racked up the negative numbers since.

We forget too easily, the deaths and violence directly attributed to BLM and ANTIFA such as the 5 police officers who were killed in Dallas earlier this year. This is only an example of many more deaths and violent acts, courtesy BLM and ANTIFA.

BLM and ANTIFA claim to be for freedom, equality, and tolerance, yet they are only tolerant as long as people agree with their philosophy as we have seen at ANTIFA demonstrations at UC Berkeley campus which turned violent in protest of speakers scheduled there who have a different philosophy.

We can also lay to rest the idea that the white race is a privileged race here in America, who gets all the breaks, since there are as many people of color in high paying and executive positions as whites. There are many Sports and Music stars that make more than most average white citizens and more than most of the rich in this country. Thus, it is a misguided conception to think only whites are well off. This is not a Supremacist statement it is a statement of fact.

As a matter of fact, there are more whites on welfare and food stamps in the USA than any other race.

President Trump was correct in his speech in response to the Charlottesville riots by denouncing the violence as a whole rather than condemning only those of the Right. Trump, more than most, is aware of the violent nature of BLM and ANTIFA since it is these terrorist organizations that were solely responsible for all the violence at his political rallies.

So, when we try to make sense of the violence, we must look no further than BLM and ANTIFA who have become the world’s new international terrorist groups. If they are anything, it is they who have a core philosophy of Nazism and are carrying it out as if Adolf Hitler were directing them himself.

The absolute best thing the government should do is classify BLM and ANTIFA as international terrorist groups, or at least bar them from any future counter demonstrations during rallies who having opposing views.

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Tony Elliott

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