President Trump Distracts Us with North Korea, Goes After Hillary & Obama Behind the Scenes

Almost since the day Donald Trump was elected president, he has kept the rhetoric on the North Korea nuke threat in full swing. The theater of the USA and Trump being the good guy vs the evil Kim Jong Un of North Korea who not only poses a threat to the world, but seems to publicize his every military move with brilliant detail.
What is wrong with this picture is if Kimmy was as much a threat as we are led to believe he is, we would have been at war months ago. Un also would not be broadcasting his military strategy to the world long before he initiates it on the battlefield.
Thus, what we have here is a manufactured distraction by the Trump Administration to keep the US public occupied while they do what could be a number of things behind our backs that they do not want us aware of.
Former President Obama was a master at creating distractions to keep us from being aware of what he was doing that we would not approve of.
The public distraction was in full swing during most of Obama’s backdoor dealings he did not want us to know about, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and Syria was just a few dirty dealings Obama wanted the public’s interest distracted from.
So, what could the Trump Administration want the public distracted from? It could be a number of things, however we have to look at several clues and make a determination based on what is available.
Since Donald Trump took office, he has had a multitude of opposition from the Left ranging from Hollywood’s public disdain of him, undermining leftovers in office in Washington blocking his every move, to the Russian voter fraud investigation which has been going on since he was elected and everything in between.
Two things stick out in my mind as possible reasons for the massive NK distraction, 1, being the problem with the leaking of classified information from opposition still in office in Washington. 2. Trump’s effort to prosecute Hillary Clinton for high crimes, treason, and voter fraud.
The clues at hand are Trump having the White House renovated while he is on a 17 day vacation. This renovation is a ruse for a huge attempt to find electronic bugs placed there by former President Obama in an attempt to keep one step ahead of Trump and thwart any effort he may be about to take against him or Clinton. Since Obama was Hillary Clinton’s boss during most of her criminal activity as Secretary of State, he would assuredly be prosecuted along with her, if Trump finally gets the ball rolling on this again.
As it is, the renovation is a complete one with walls being torn out, floors being replaced, and even a redo of the outside. Such a complete renovation like this, says Trump is looking for all electronic spying devices that may be there.
The leaks that have been coming from the opposition since Trump became president are too concise and detailed for there not to be some electronic spying equipment embedded within the construction of the West Wing itself.
While this so called renovation is going on, the president says his vacation at his private golf club is a working vacation. This relieves him of having to come up with excuses as to why he may be back at the WH from time to time during his absence. Any trips he may make back to the WH would be of course, to survey the suspicious devices found.
The NK threat also comes into play here, giving the president the excuse he needs for any unexpected trips back to the WH. UN may be about to launch another test missile, or threaten to launch a nuclear warhead at Guam or Hawaii. With the NK nuke threat going on, the president would be expected to return to the WH with no questions asked.
We know Trump is reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s criminal activity, only recently, Federal Judge Reggie B. Walton agreed to a joint request by the State Department and Judicial Watch to reopen the case on Hillary Clinton’s e mails.
This behind the scenes investigation also includes evidence on the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch in 2016.
So what is really going on here is a massive smokescreen by the Trump Administration in the form of the NK nuke threat put in place to keep us centered in on, while behind the scenes the president is thwarting the problem with leaks in the WH and reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e mails and high crimes.

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Tony Elliott

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