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Charlottesville Violence and Baltimore Riots: Contrasting Responses [VIDEO]

Written by Joe Scudder

The media is reporting the Charlottesville violence as if it was all the fault of those protesting the removal of the Robert E. Lee memorial.

The way the media reports on Charlottesville violence compared to Baltimore rioting provides us a lesson in double standards.

Right now, the media is ignoring Antifa tactics and blaming all violence on the protesters who had a permit to be there. Until we know more, there is no reason to believe that in most cases the protestors were doing more than defending themselves. And no one condones the vehicular homicide.

But the Governor of Virginia is sure it is all the fault of those who object to the removal of the Lee statue.

The Daily Mail reports, “Woman is killed and 19 hurt as car plows into anti-fascists at white nationalist rally: Driver ‘intentionally’ accelerates into crowd and is arrested after riot cops use tear gas to break up violent clashes.

Virginia Gov Terry McAuliffe strongly condemned all of the so-called ‘patriotic’ white nationalists during a press conference Saturday evening.

‘Go home. You are not wanted in this great commonwealth,’ McAuliffe proclaimed. ‘You are not patriots. You came here today to hurt people and that is not patriotic,’ McAuliffe added.

Here’s the video of the governor’s comments and then the comment by the Mayor of Baltimore responding to the riots in her city. See if you notice anything different about them!

So, in Baltimore, the mayor made sure the police allowed the “protestors” to burn, destroy, and loot. Did the media think that was a big deal?

Read the entire Daily Mail story.

Here’s some testimony about Charlottesville:

If you need another reminder of why the media can’t be trusted to cover Charlottesville, remember how they covered up calls for racist violence in Milwaukee:

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About the author

Joe Scudder

Joe Scudder is the "nom de plume" (or "nom de guerre") of a fifty-ish-year-old writer and stroke survivor. He lives in St Louis with his wife and still-at-home children. He has been a freelance writer and occasional political activist since the early nineties. He describes his politics as Tolkienesque.

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