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Vicious Sneak Attack: Girl Pours Boiling Water on Friend’s Face at Sleepover

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

Young girls are savage. This runs especially true for for middle school and high school girls. I should know. I remember the unfair taunting when I was younger.

A New York City preteen girl turned viciously on her friend at a sleepover party on Monday. After 11-year-old Jamoneisha Merritt fell asleep on the couch, the 12-year-old host tossed boiling water on Merritt’s face. The girl suffered severe burns on her face, shoulders, neck, and chest, according to police.

She was immediately awakened and then slammed with the excruciating pain just moments later.

Fox News reports:

Merritt’s cousin, Yolanda Richardson told CBS2 the incident began when the two girls got into an argument the night before.

“Her and her friend got into an argument and she told her if she go to sleep they were going to do something to her,” Richardson told the news station.

She added of the moments after the attack: “She said she was screaming, that she was burning.”

Merritt was rushed to the hospital, where she was treated for second-degree burns. She was in stable condition as of Thursday.

The 12-year-old girl, whose name was not released, was charged with assault.

It’s unclear if the incident was inspired by the “Hot Water Challenge” — a dare that became a social media trend in recent months.

Ki’ari Pope, an 8-year-old girl in Florida, died earlier this month after she was injured while drinking boiling water through a straw. Her cousins had reportedly dared her to do the stunt in March and she suffered health complications that led to her death.

Most girls grow out of the petty, mean phase. This was more than just mean though. That girl had an intent to harm Merritt.

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Keely Sharp

Keely Sharp

Keely is a 23-year-old conservative writer for many different sites, including While she lives in Georgia, she grew up in Florida. Keely is pro-life, Christian, and a member of the NRA. When she is not writing, she enjoys going to the range and hiking with her dogs.

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