The Left’s Attacks on Ivanka Trump Are Unfair!

The liberal left is outraged because Ivanka Trump briefly sat in for the President at the recent G20 meeting. You don’t like Donald Trump. Okay, fine. So complain about him and attack his policies. He obviously trusts his daughter and values her opinion.  She is, after all, a successful business woman in her own right and has agreed to be an unpaid advisor to him. That does makes her fair game for criticism of her job performance and advice. The problem is that the attacks against Ivanka are not based on anything related to her work or ability. They are personal and blatantly unfair.

Ivanka Trump is a mother of three young children. Last December when she and her family were on a Jet Blue flight (They were flying coach- when did a Clinton or Obama do that?) back home she was accosted by a liberal jerk yelling about how her father was ruining the country. That seems to be a typical liberal attack against her. In early May, Bill Maher intimated Ivanka Trump had an incestuous relationship with her father. It was and is disgusting, but the liberal audience laughed. Then there is #GrabYourWallet campaign, a movement to boycott stores carrying her products. So the left is fine with putting her company out of business which would also put out of work all the employees working for her companies. Bill Maher, always a jerk, chipped in supporting the boycott and called Ivanka Trump’s “daughter-wife.” Sick. And what exactly does that have to do with the value of her advice or the competency of her work?

The latest liberal attack against Ivanka Trump came after she briefly filled in for the President during the G-20 conference. One more time! Ivanka Trump is the head of her own successful multi-million dollar corporation. Also, remember that Donald Trump has built a multi-billion dollar organization and to do so he had to depend on people he trusted to do a good job. His judgment was dead on and he trusts his daughter. Enough said. Now reflect on the left’s reaction. Much of it is a response against anything Trump does, but attacking Ivanka as someone who is totally unqualified is unfair. Calling her daddy’s little girl and making jokes about taking your child to work is seriously sexist. As were the snide comments that she was a former fashion model. So, being attractive means you’re dumb? She is, repeat yet one more time, a very successful business woman, and one that a man who has created a billion dollar business trusts. 

One of the most ridiculous comments was from Matthew Dowd who said, “Can you imagine what the GOP/Trump fans would be saying if this was Chelsea or Malia doing this? We are a Republic, not a monarchy.” Certainly anyone would have a problem with Obama’s daughter, Malia, sitting in. She’s a nineteen year old kid who opted to postpone college for a year “off.” (Tough life.) Ivanka is a mature mother of three who has earned her position and shown her ability to lead. As for Chelsea, who is roughly the same age as Trump’s daughter, the two couldn’t be less alike. Chelsea landed a $600,000 dollar a year job at NBC and did basically nothing close to earning it.  She moved on to the Clinton Foundation charity scam. Ivanka Trump on the other had has a business degree and has run a multi-million dollar corporation. Dowd’s knee-jerk reaction is pretty typical of the left. I’d say give the “girl” a break, but she’s a woman. And a very accomplished one at that. 

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