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Foreign Affairs

Congressional Republicans Fight Trump on Russia

Written by Joe Scudder

If Republicans fight Trump for the national security deep state the President should veto them.

As Congress fails to deliver tax cuts or Obamacare repeal, traitorous Republicans fight Trump on keeping his campaign promises regarding Russia. They are set on sanctioning Russia for allegedly interfering in the election in a way that will keep Trump from negotiating with the government.

How can they be so timid on basic Republican promises and so insanely arrogant to give credence to the media’s Russia conspiracy theory that is aimed at undermining the Republican victory of 2016?

And, while Republicans fight Trump, the President is trying to avoid having to veto them.

Axios reports, “Trump’s other Russian dilemma.

The White House is racing to stop Congress from sending a Russia sanctions bill to the President’s desk that would tie his hands in his negotiations with Putin, and potentially create the biggest political humiliation of his presidency.

In meetings in secure rooms, administration officials are quietly making the case to Republican members that the sanctions bill they rushed through the Senate on a 97-2 vote needs waivers to give Trump the flexibility to negotiate with Putin.

Administration officials believe the longer the bill gets delayed, the better their chances of convincing members that the bill is bad for diplomacy and bad for American companies […] who would be punished for doing international business with Russian companies.

As it stands, Congress could override a veto. But Trump cannot back down on this. He should campaign to the Deplorables to call and write to Congress to butt out.

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Joe Scudder

Joe Scudder is the "nom de plume" (or "nom de guerre") of a fifty-ish-year-old writer and stroke survivor. He lives in St Louis with his wife and still-at-home children. He has been a freelance writer and occasional political activist since the early nineties. He describes his politics as Tolkienesque.

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