It’s Not Just ISIS – Mother of 5 Sentenced to Death for Being a Christian!

Asia Bibi is a 45-year old mother of five who was sentenced to death after proclaiming her faith as a Christian. Six years later she now faces her last appeal, her last hope to escape death by hanging, and the decision will rest with the Pakistani Supreme Court this week. It is time for us to join the millions of other Christians around the world praying for her release and agitating with our elected officials in an effort to put pressure on the Pakistani government so that they may intervene on her behalf.

The British Pakistani Christian Association has for years been hard at work in their efforts to see Bibi freed and they have long led the charge against Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws. Their president, Wilson Chowdhry, argues that, “The draconian blasphemy law of Pakistan has been condemned globally and is a tool for discrimination, vendettas and hatred.”

Asia Bibi

Mehwish Bhatti, also of the British Pakistani Christian Association, recently commented on Bibi’s case by saying that the court date assigned to her appeal is actually a positive development for Bibi. “I am pleased at this early date; the legal process in Pakistan can be so delayed. Perhaps the international pressure felt by our Government has resulted in the expedition of her case. I hope that this time the courts make the right decision and free sister Asia,” Bhatti said.


From Christian Today:

Asia Bibi3Bhatti said Bibi has already suffered enough in prison, having been beaten and gang-raped while in jail in Pakistan over trumped-up blasphemy charges.

“Six years in a dingy, dark cell in complete isolation will no doubt have caused great trauma, especially when coupled with a nation’s unfair hatred,” Bhatti said.

Bibi was accused of blasphemy after she proclaimed, “My Christ died for me, what did Muhammed do for you?”

Six years after she uttered those words of faith, the Pakistani Christian is still the object of hatred in the predominantly Muslim country.

In fact, Muslim clerics have placed a bounty of nearly $5,000 on her head should the Pakistani Supreme Court decides on her freedom.


Folks, this is the kind of hatred, persecution and injustice that our brothers and sisters in Asia and Africa face everyday. Please don’t ever take for granted the freedom and the peace that we enjoy here in the USA – especially as it pertains to our freedom to worship freely. Let us also agree together to become more active in whatever way we can to help alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters around the world. Together we can accomplish great things and they deserve our help, our support and our commiseration with their sufferings.

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