Jane Sanders Gets a Lawyer to Deal with Federal Probe

Joe Scudder
Written by Joe Scudder

The wife of Bernie, Jane Sanders, gets legal representation to deal with a Federal investigation about her actions as president of Burlington College.

The news that Jane Sanders gets an attorney indicates that the Federal probe is not going away. We can’t know for sure because investigators aren’t telling the media what they are looking for or what they have found.

But the accusations made against the wife of Bernie Sanders for what she did as president of Burlington College paint an amazing picture of the politics of the American Left, and of the GOP establishment too!

  • Promise to make life better by purchasing nice things for people.
  • Rack up debt on the basis of a false promise that we will be able to repay.
  • Bring about a debt crisis.

VTDigger reports, “Sanders Lawyered Up in Federal Probe of Burlington College.”

Jane Sanders has hired attorneys to represent her in a Justice Department probe of a land deal she orchestrated while president of the now-defunct Burlington College.


As president of Burlington College in 2010, Sanders secured a $6.7 million loan from People’s United Bank, which the college used to purchase a 33-acre lakefront campus for the school.

Federal investigators are probing aspects of that land deal, according to Holm and another former employee who said they had been contacted by the FBI. Federal officials have declined to comment on the investigation.

The loan agreement required the college to provide evidence of more than $2 million in pledged donations as collateral. However, three donors — including the largest, listed at $1 million — have told VTDigger their pledges were misrepresented in the loan documents.

Between 2010 and 2014 the college collected only $676,000 in donations, according to former college officials. The school was also never able to increase enrollment as Sanders had projected. It closed in May 2016, with officials citing debt from the land purchase as the primary reason.

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