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Data on Republican Voters Left Open

Written by Joe Scudder

Deep Root Analytics, hired by the RNC, left millions of profiles of Republican voters unprotected in the Amazon Cloud.

Imagine what could happen if radical leftists like Antifa had access to information on Republican voters. Probably the only reason Donald Trump won the last election is because voters knew their behavior was completely private and protected inside the voting booth. When it was discovered that Mozilla cofounder Brendan Eich had contributed to the defense of real marriage in California, he was driven off from his company.

So, the unsecured data discovered by Chris Vickery of the security firm UpGuard is a major issue. Deep Root Analytics takes responsibility for the mistake.

The Hill reports: “Data on 198M voters exposed by RNC contractor.

“In terms of the disc space used, this is the biggest exposure I’ve found. In terms of the scope and depth, this is the biggest one I’ve found,” said Vickery. 

The accessible files, according to UpGuard, contain a main 198 million-entry database with names, addresses of voters and an “RNC ID” that can be used with other exposed files to research individuals.

For example, a 50-gigabyte file of “Post Elect 2016” information, last updated in mid-January, contained modeled data about a voter’s likely positions on 46 different issues ranging from “how likely it is the individual voted for Obama in 2012, whether they agree with the Trump foreign policy of ‘America First’ and how likely they are to be concerned with auto manufacturing as an issue, among others.”

That file appears in a folder titled “target_point,” an apparent reference to another firm contracted by the RNC to crunch data. UpGuard speculates that the folder may imply that the firm TargetPoint compiled and shared the data with Deep Root. Another folder appears to reference Data Trust, another contracted firm. 

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About the author

Joe Scudder

Joe Scudder is the "nom de plume" (or "nom de guerre") of a fifty-ish-year-old writer and stroke survivor. He lives in St Louis with his wife and still-at-home children. He has been a freelance writer and occasional political activist since the early nineties. He describes his politics as Tolkienesque.

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