New Orleans Democrat Mayor Corruption on Display as Violence Engulfs City

Well, New Orleans’ poor excuse for a Mayor, Mitch Landrieu, had to send out his number one minion, Ryan Bernie, on 06/09/2017 to explain the cost of removing Confederate Monuments. Needless to say, the cost was well over the original estimate of $170,000 that Landrieu told New Orleans citizens it would be, back in December of 2015.

In the recent press conference, one could see how nervous Deputy Mayor Ryan Bernie was at trying to explain the Landrieu funding heist to the people of NOLA.

As it turns out, Landrieu admits the cost to be at over 2 million dollars with the citizens of NOLA footing most of the bill and the remainder coming from anonymous donations Landrieu refuses to identify. Only days ago, the amount of the so called anonymous donation was said to be around the $200,000 mark, but according to the latest statement from Landrieu, this amount has grown to well over 1 million.

As I stated in a previous article, the fact that Landrieu keeps the identities of those who donated all this money a secret, speaks volumes in itself, and literally means that no one would approve of the entities it came from. The fact that Landrieu is using a George Soros funded organization in the form of the Foundation for Louisiana to funnel the funds back to himself and his appointed city employees who are connected to the Soros’ spider web of organizations such as BLM, TEDNOLA, MoveON, etc. This tells us that these guys have made one Hell of a bundle of money for themselves. Payment from these neo-Nazi groups for doing their bidding.

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In reality, the actual cost of removing these monuments would be about the same as the claimed $200.000 anonymous donation. Since this sum has blossomed to well over a million dollars in 24 hours, we can assume that the original amount reflects the actual cost of the construction company removing the monuments. The fact that Landrieu is keeping the identity of the construction company he hired a secret, also means that he hopes no one can run down the actual cost. However, we can estimate the cost with comparing what most construction companies would charge in the use of heavy equipment and the hours it would take to complete the task.

In examining the Soros funding spider web, a company that stands out above the rest is Geller Investment Company LLC. that was bidding for the redevelopment of Two Canal Street back in 2014. Here we have a Soros’ backed company just waiting in the wings for the go ahead to take down the Confederate Monuments.

With all this and other revelations concerning Mitch Landrieu’s dirty-money-payola and his scheme to have the people pay for all fees associated with the removal of the NOLA Confederate Monuments. I am personally calling out Mayor Landrieu to divulge the identities of all the people and organizations who donated well over a million dollars in funds to have these Monuments removed. This should be an easy task for you Landrieu, if these funds really came from organizations who are not what basically amounts to domestic terrorist organizations like BLM, TEDNOLA, MoveOn, and ANTIFA who are being funded by George Soros.

The citizens of the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana not only deserve to know where such large sums of money came from and where it went, they have the right to demand that you divulge this information to them as this whole situation boils down to these funds being used on a project that the majority of the people oppose. Whereas, most of the funds seems to be going directly into the personal bank accounts of yourself and your appointed city officials, you need to come clean and explain to the people, that this is not the case. If indeed it isn’t.

I know you will not be able to provide this information, Mayor Landrieu, because of the simple fact that you cannot, without incriminating yourself.

One thing you will not be able to explain is your misappropriation of public funds and dirty money you received for this politically motivated effort, while you do nothing about the exploding violent crime wave engulfing your city.

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Tony Elliott

Tony Elliott

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