Liberals Would Rather See Us Dead than Admit They’re Wrong about Islam

Islam is not, repeat is NOT, a religion of peace. It is a religion designed for conquest and it demands submission of all non-Muslims. This should be obvious given its history, yet the truth is vehemently denied by progressives here and in Western Europe. We had an administration that tried to convince us that the Fort Hood massacre was ‘work place violence’ and that the war on terror was really just an ‘overseas contingency operation.’ That was lunacy. It is also insanity to ignore the real threat the religion of Islam poses to American and Western values.

It would be nice if all of our elected leaders had a working knowledge of history and viewed current events rationally. Sadly progressive leaders here and in Western Europe maintain their delusional world view in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Even most non-progressive leaders refuse to face the reality about Islam. Islam is the antithesis of our values and inimical to our way of life, because Islam is not a tolerant religion. Fundamental Muslims follow the teachings of the Quran and expect everyone else to do so as well. Historically those conquered by Muslims had two choices, you could convert or die, unless you were a Christian or a Jew. Christians and Jews are allowed to live as second class citizens provided they paid a penalty. In ISIS controlled territory today, the penalty is so high and the restrictions so onerous that conversion or death is the reality.

We have only to look at Western Europe to validate this reality. Muslims in those countries have not assimilated and the havoc they are causing in those societies will only grow as their population increases. Their goal is that not just Muslims, but everyone else lives according to the Islamic law. Our progressive leaders and the mainstream media assure us that that won’t happen here. Really?

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In a 2015 Fox News poll when U.S. Muslims were asked if asked if Muslims should have a choice of being governed by Sharia law, 51% of those polled said “yes.” That doesn’t take into account those who weren’t truthful, so the actual percent who think so is probably higher. In 2016Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that 513,000 U. S. women and girls are now at risk of or had already undergone female genital mutilation. That isn’t assimilation. In November 2015 Fox News reported that there are an estimated 27 ‘honor killings’ each year in the United States. These are women killed by family members for bringing dishonor to their family for behavior deemed inappropriate under Sharia law.

President Trump was right when as a candidate he called for a Muslim ban until we can figure out what is going on. This does not mean that all Muslims or even a majority of Muslims are personal threats to us. Just as a majority of Nazis wouldn’t have killed a Jew, so too, only a small minority of Muslims would commit violence against unbelievers. But because of what the Quran teaches the potential is always there. The actions of ISIS are not those of ‘radical’ Muslims who are perverting the religion. They are the actions of fundamental Muslims who are emulating their prophet. Short of prohibiting any more Muslims from immigrating to our country and deporting those that are here we must use common sense to be sure that those Muslims who are already here or want to live here will not be a danger to others.

This will not be easy. The Quran allows Muslims to lie to non-Muslims if it will benefit the spread of Islam. Clean shaven Muslim men and uncovered Muslim women aren’t proof that they have rejected those aspects of their religion that are contrary to our beliefs. Even if they claim to have converted to another religion doesn’t mean they really have. During the cold war the Soviet Union sent sleeper cells to America to undermine our country. They appeared to be ‘good’ Americans in every way, but weren’t. Jihadists can do the same. What we shouild do is to surveil the mosques and those Muslims who have engaged in suspicious behavior, much as we surveilled Italian-Americans suspected of connections to organized crime.

Progressive leaders will never do this, and they will demonize anyone who calls for it to be done. Would they feel the same way if the Aztecs were still around and wanted to continue human sacrifice in line with their religion? The Amish, for instance wish to remain separate, but do not expect the rest of us to live as they do, nor do they endanger others. Back when Joseph Smith and Brigham Young founded Mormonism the government demanded that plural marriage not be practiced. In time the vast majority of Mormons adapted to the demand. Muslims who wish to live in the United States must also accept the laws of the land and not seek to force others to live under Islamic law. Progressives refuse insist on this to our ultimate peril.

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Nicholas Wishek. Retired teacher. 40 years classroom experience. Served in California National Guard 6 years. BA in history, MA in education. Married 35 years. Two sons. Many columns published in OC Register 2009-2014.

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