Comey Testimony Proves the Liberal Media made Something out of Nothing

Brilliant columnist Charlie Hurt appeared on Fox News Thursday evening to explain that the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey should finally put an end to all the speculation about what evil deeds President Trump might have committed.

The simple fact of the matter is that Comey’s testimony seems to indicate that the Democrats and their friends in the media have been all fired up about NOTHING for the last few months…

“The complexity of all of this has a lot of people — obviously, it is catnip for the press, catnip for people who love politics, but for a lot of people I think they are like, what is this all about? They don’t care that much about it and the fact that there are going to be no charges brought, I would argue, it amounts to nothing. If you talk to people that have made those cases in the past (obstruction of justice), it’s a very, very hard thing to prove, to win a case on because you have to be able to prove a crime was committed in obstructing justice. In a case like this, it would be something like bribery.”

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Hurt also added that it’s hard to see how the hearing could be viewed as anything other than a major victory for President Trump.

I don’t really know how anybody could come out of this without thinking that it was a good day for the president. There are a lot of things that are still being disputed by the White House but let’s assume that everything Director Comey said is exactly what happened.

It’s clear that the president didn’t obstruct justice. He isn’t and wasn’t under investigation for ties to Russia and then the new things, obviously, there are more unpleasant things that we already knew about such as the pressure it appears he put on Comey in the White House which obviously is not the way things work in Washington. But for no one is that a surprise.

Donald Trump doesn’t do things the way are done in Washington. The only new things that came out was this sort of bombshell about Loretta Lynch that suggests that not only did she perhaps obstruct justice, she also tampered in the election. So, I think overall it has to be considered a victory for Donald Trump.

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