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Seven ‘Must Know’ Things About the Comey Hearing

Written by Tanya Grimsley

We’re on the eve of James Comey’s testimony before the Intelligence Committee and you know Liberals are anxiously awaiting to hear what he has to say, with the belief that he “MUST” have something to incriminate President Donald Trump, that he “MUST” be the missing link in their quest to have POTUS Trump impeached.

I think we all know the pieces aren’t there but they’ll try anything and everything in their power to make them fit, right?

With that in mind, here are some need-to-know things about James Comey, and more importantly the hearing, that you should know.

As Written By Aaron Bandler for the Daily Wire:

James Comey, who was fired from his position as FBI director in May, will have a highly-anticipated hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday. The Left will be salivating over the prospect of Comey implicating President Trump on some sort of crime while the Right will cross their fingers that Comey will absolve Trump of any legal wrongdoing.

Here are seven things you need to know about the Comey hearing.

1. The hearing will begin at 10 am ESTThose on the West Coast should have their coffee ready and buckle up for the endless coverage of the hearing.

2. All of the major TV networks will be broadcasting it. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News will all be showing the hearing live.

3. Bars in Washington, D.C. will be showing the hearingThey will be opening up in time for the hearing to begin; some bars are offering drinks like the “Covfefe cocktail” that’s “like drinking the Kool-Aid but only a small group of people know what’s in it.”

4. Comey is not expected to accuse Trump of obstruction of justiceHowever, he is expected to explain why Trump “made him uneasy” when he allegedly asked him to go easy on his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and that he didn’t tell Trump……..


7 Things You Need To Know About The Comey Hearing | Daily Wire

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