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President Obama: Force States to Recognize Gay Marriage

“It’s my personal belief… if you’re married in Massachusetts and you move someplace else, you’re still married… Under federal law, you should be able to obtain the benefits of any lawfully married couple. But again, I’m speaking as a president and not a lawyer.”

–          President Barack Obama

Yes, you read that correctly. The President would like a federal law that would force every state to recognize gay marriage. This goes beyond extending all of the legal benefits of marriage to gay couples, these comments reflect the belief of a President that as Justice Scalia said a couple of days ago “adjudging those who oppose it hostes humani generis, enemies of the human race.”

Now President Obama would like to see the federal government force every state to legally recognize gay marriages. It makes complete sense of course, but it’s a striking reversal for a President who pretended to be for traditional marriage until very recently.

Things are about to become very complicated for conservatives around the country because as states pass laws banning gay marriage, they will be tested in the courts. The recent decisions by the Supreme Court to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act and allowing the courts to invalidate California’s referendum called Proposition 8, can’t give us much confidence. It seems very likely that if gay activists start challenging state gay marriage laws, the Supreme Court is very likely to strike down each state law.

Senator Rand Paul tried to strike a conciliatory note when he said that he thought the Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA was “appropriate.” However, Senator Paul believes that the government should have no say in who does or does not get married. The government should issue no license, there should be no tax benefits, and the government should have no power in the marriage whatsoever.obamagay

The problem is that that is not where the majority of our government officials stand. If the majority of our representatives took Senator Paul’s position, then the issue wouldn’t matter because states would not need to recognize marriages at all. The fact that most of our representatives do believe the government has a role in marriage means that the Supreme Court will soon have to rule on whether or not individual states can ban gay marriage.

After Wednesday’s rulings on gay marriage, conservatives should be very concerned that their state laws will soon be at risk.

State’s Right’s is very likely to become a popular rallying cry once again…

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