Love Him or Hate Him, Trump is a Genius….Here’s Why

President Donald Trump is nothing shy of being a genius, and it doesn’t take another genius to realize that!

It is easy for the left to classify the president as being unintelligent because that is simply what they WANT to believe of him since they do not like him. However, it it is quite the contrary.

While Trump may not have the smooth talking skills that Obama has (even if everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth is garbage) his words do hold merit. He does not sugar coat anything. He says it very simple, with not so many words, and uses emphasis with repetition. Which is a very smart technique considering that multi-million dollar businesses use that type of propaganda all the time. The more you hear something, the more likely you are to remember it, or think of it later.

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Despite what you honestly think about President Trump, whether you love him or you hate him, it is nearly impossibly for him to have an IQ lower than 140.

How’s that you ask?

It would be EXTREMELY unlikely for a “complete idiot” to not only graduate from the number 1 undergraduate business program (in economics, might I add) in the United States, but then to also follow up with becoming a billionaire AND winning the United States Presidency. 

Think about it.

Trump attended Wharton, the number one ranked business undergraduate program in the US. Take a guess at the SAT average for the program. On the old scale, the average was a score of 1466 out of 160.

At the Wharton School, the No. 1 program, average SATs are up 22 points to 1466 in the past three years alone (we’re using the older scoring method in which a 1600 is a perfect score not the current 2400). That’s considerably above the 1050 average for the test.

If President Trump’s wealth was directly correlated with IQ, then his IQ would be even more than the 156 IQ that he claims he has, considering he is worth $3.7 billion, according to Forbes.


No one gets “lucky” enough to become a billionaire unless they win the lottery. In that case, they are usually broke again by the end of the year. It takes skill to run million dollar businesses and not only earn the title of being a billionaire, but to then remain a billionaire. It is very easy to lose money, and very hard to accumulate it.

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