Awkward! Megyn Kelly Interviews Putin, He Mocks Her as Crowd Laughs (Video)

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

It seems Megyn Kelly has swapped job descriptions with Kathy Griffin. Griffin is now in the media spotlight (not for good reasons obviously) and Kelly has become the laughing stock the country. Now she is apparently the laughing stock of Russia too.

Kelly, on her first big interview on NBC News, questioned Russian President, Vladimir Putin, about his involvement with the 2016 election.

She asked about the “fingerprints” left dotting the “evidence” of a Russian collusion, and Putin responded with a smile:“What fingerprints? What are you talking about? IP addresses, they can be invented. You know, there are very many specialists that can invent or fake [this].”

He added, “You know, a kid of yours can [fake an IP address]. Your girl that is three years old can perpetrate such an attack.”

Kelly didn’t stop there though. She wanted to redeem herself, but in reality, continued to dig her hole deeper and deeper.

She said, “This is not my allegation, this is the conclusion of the 17 U.S. intelligence agencies and the others that I mentioned.” Then she proceeded to ask Putin if anyone from the Trump administration spoke with Russia about sanctions.

Putin retorted, “That’s just absurd, what they’re saying. I don’t know where these people have come from that distribute this kind of information. ”

 Then for the best part, Putin added, ‘This hysteria never seems to stop. Maybe someone has a pill that will make this hysteria stop.” The crowd broke into clapping and laughter.
Kelly seems to be in a rut that she created and it doesn’t look as if there is anyone coming to save her!
 See for yourself:

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