The Second Coming or Obama is Biblical in his Failures

There is something in the air that is not air because I can’t breathe it into my lungs.  It is suffocation.  It is the President piling high and deep his administrative nonsense, his regulatory rags. His Affordable  Health Careless Bill is 2400 pages of legislation and ad infinitum regulations.

There are little walls around the White House.  Where has transparency gone, a short time passing?  We will knock into what we haven’t yet figured out about Obama care.  More people are losing their insurance than gaining it.

Stupid is an afterthought.  It’s what we think about the administration after they have bullied us with ideological impracticalities.

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Nancy Pelosi told us that we don’t have to read The Affordable Health Care Act to die under its claustrophobic, endless bureaucracy.  Death panels around us.  There are pine walls in our neat little boxes. It’s cheaper to die by the dozen.  Life is as cheap as an abortion.

Obama ChoomObama smoked a lot of pot with his Choom Gang in Hawaii.  Smoking pot when you are young leads to sloppy thought when you are old.  Obama tries to hold it all together by turning free enterprise into enterprising restrictions.

Obama wants to hang us from his regulations like we are all little Sadam Hussein’s.   The rope that strangles us is failed socialism.  Communism is the only form of government that has killed more people than the Nazis.  Obama is Stalin come back from the dead to lie to us about the direction he is leading our country.

The irony is that Obama doesn’t exist.  He is a projection of weak Americans who want to be suckled by the nanny state.  He is you and you and you.

Not me.  I am proud that the first time I saw him speak I knew that he was a used car salesman selling a defunct government ideology. It was so obvious that my ears screeched like they were in an accident with scratchy governmental lies. To vote for him you had to resemble a gay man or a horny, groupie girl.

Do not go gentle into that good night Obama.  How could you?  You turned the night into a wolf and it is biting us, dividing us, making excuses for its yellow teeth as it swallows our future into America’s expanding debt, our weakening social mores.

You came into our lives.  Our lives disappeared.  You took them from us like a magic glove.  Our aspirations hid up your sleeve as you lied about our fair share, our keeping our doctors and our maintaining our health plans.  It got you the re-election.  It got us a rising national debt and no doctor to turn to when we are ill.

If ever there was a mistake it was you.  You’re out in three years.  But how do we get rid of the weak socialism in the heart of lazy Americans. You have taken a fringe hippy approach to life and turned it into the mainstream.  You have turned America into a commune.  We have become your reflection of our reflection.

endisnearAs Yeats said in “The Second Coming,”  “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,/ Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

But you were already born.  We are suffering from your narcissistic consequences. You bully us with clichés and faux kindnesses.  Back in the Illinois senate, you were always a fan of abortion and infanticide.  Can’t you do something about aborting yourself? Or at least take a forceps to one of your clichés. How much longer must we hear “fair share” or “income inequality” from a rich, powerful man?

Could that “rough beast” be worse than you, Obama?  You’re not even you.  You are us.  I am ashamed of Americans.  Yet for the first time Michelle Obama is proud of them.  The unemployed continue to vote against themselves.

You kissed us with promises.  The results were venereal.  The underlying effect of your administration is like Joey Tribbiani smiling about his subway poster for gonorrhea on “Friends.” Your smile is more spite than welcoming. It is the disease of progressivism.  And your sycophant progressive, Bill de Blassio, is finding the canal up your philosophical butt.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear evil because you are there promising us eternal handouts when all you are giving us is the death panels that you mocked.  Thy rod is teleprompter lies.  Thy rhetoric is false comfort and a staff that becomes a snake.

Obama, you are almost Biblical in your failures. I would pray but I am an agnostic conservative.  Something you don’t believe happens.  Lost in your prejudice against a right wing you don’t even begin to understand.

I am not Fox television.  You are the fox in the hen house of other people’s freedom and happiness.


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David Lawrence

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