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2016 Election

DNC Workers Hit Back after Hillary Clinton Blames Them

Written by Joe Scudder

DNC workers aren’t happy with Hillary Clinton and her accusations against them that they lost her the election.

Hillary Clinton claimed she wasn’t responsible for her loss but that DNC workers were to blame for not collecting better data. Even if this were true, Clinton would be better off talking about what she might have done better and the real difference between her politics and those of a sizable portion of the population of America. As it stands, she’s opened up a public feud between herself and DNC workers.

Thus, the CNN Politics headline: “Democrats to Clinton: The DNC’s data was fine — you just used it wrong.

Andrew Therriault, the former DNC director of data science, lashed out in two since-deleted tweets, calling Clinton’s comments “f—ing bull—-.”

“I hope you understand the good you did despite that nonsense,” he said in a message directed to DNC data staffers.

David Radloff, the co-founder of the Democratic data and analytics firm Clarity Campaign Labs, tweeted: “Used DNC data on numerous campaigns this year, well managed, efficient, accurate. Real question is who’s feeding Clinton bad info and why??”

John Hagner, a partner at Clarity, added: “I worked with DNC data every day last cycle, on winning Gov races. It was accurate and up-to-date and I’m grateful for their hard work.”

Many Democrats noted that Clinton — just like her opponent Bernie Sanders — had access to the DNC’s data from the outset of her campaign. Therefore, they said, if there was trouble with the data, her staff would have known long before she won the Democratic presidential nomination.

Tom Bonier, the chief executive officer of TargetSmart, a Democratic voter-targeting firm, said in using the DNC’s data, the Clinton campaign was “absolutely standing on the shoulders of the Obama data juggernaut. There’s just no question.”

“I can tell you, having worked with the DNC from the outside over that time period, the DNC not only maintained what was built as part of the Obama 2008 and 2012 campaigns, but they built upon it,” he said. “And that meant more staff and that meant better data. They built an in-house analytics team, which they had not had in the past. And they were constantly adding data to the file.”

So, it sounds like the problem was Hillary herself, not the data. Of course, DNC Chairman Tom Perez realizes how damaging this feud is and tries to evade the accusations:

Read the whole CNN story.

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Joe Scudder

Joe Scudder is the "nom de plume" (or "nom de guerre") of a fifty-ish-year-old writer and stroke survivor. He lives in St Louis with his wife and still-at-home children. He has been a freelance writer and occasional political activist since the early nineties. He describes his politics as Tolkienesque.

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