Portland Stabbing Suspect Yells in Court: “You Call it Terrorism, I Call it Patriotism” (Video)

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

The Portland stabbing suspect, who verbally assaulted two Muslim women, stabbed two men to death, and injured another spoke out, or should I say “yelled out”, in court on Tuesday. He seems to think his actions were of patriotism, but it is clear that the man is mentally ill.

Jeremy Joesph Christian, who has denounced both Judaism and Christianity, stabbed three people on a light-rail train in Portland. Then in court he yelled out many disturbing things, showing no remorse for the lives he took.

“Death to the enemies of America. Leave this country if you hate our freedom,” Christian yelled, “Death to antifa! (anti-fascism). You call it terrorism. I call it patriotism! You hear me? Die.”

While I can relate with him in the desire to eat to eliminate America’s enemies, and that people who hate our country should leave….he is clearly deranged. In his passionate act of “patriotism” he killed innocent people. That is NOT patriotism. Those men and women on the train were not American’s enemies.

Yikes. He was also reported to have been yelling very similar remarks during the train attack, such as: “Go home. We need American here,” “I don’t care if you are ISIS,” and “Free speech or die.”

Despite popular accusations, Christian is not a Trump supporter, but rather followed in the footsteps of Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders. He is not even a white supremacist. He previously supported immigration and now suddenly starts stabbing immigrants. That is not the characteristics of a supremacist. That is something that a basket case does! He is a mad man who belongs in the mental ward of prison

Salon reports:

Prior to his attacks against the three train passengers, Christian was perhaps best known for his participation in an April “Free Speech” march in Portland. While there, Christian is reported to have chanted the N-word while draping himself in an American flag. He also posted a Facebook video at the time which showed himself performing a Nazi salute. Underneath the photograph, Christian wrote, “I am White and a Nationalist for Vinland.”

Christian’s other views include misogyny and transphobia. He once promised that if President Donald Trump proved to be another Hitler, “I am joining his SS to put an end to Monotheist Question.”

Conservatives like Tucker Carlson were quick to point out that “he actually backed Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders in the 2016 race,” but this obscures the fact that he made a death threat against Hillary Clinton on his Facebook page on the same day as he posted his pro-Trump-as-Hitler comment.

One thing is for sure, we are all a little bit safer with him off the streets.

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