Boom! Armed Robber Targets Unarmed Woman and Gets a Beat Down! (Video)

Boom! In what is possibly the best video footage you have seen today, a skinny blonde woman (who was unarmed might I add) gave a butt whooping to an armed assailant who appeared to be attempting to rob her.

The man thought he’d found an easy target because she was small and along, but his gun didn’t intimidate her! No, sir. She immediately assessed the situation and took action.

The lip below is from security footage that shows the petite woman place her bag in the passenger side of her vehicle. Then as she turns around, a man walks into the camera’s view and points a gun at her as he quickly approaches.

He shoves the gun towards her abdomen and that’s when the smackdown began. She swinger handbag which knocks the gun away and then begins swinging and hitting him. Then she knees him a couple of times before he crumples to the ground.
As he is shown in the fetal position on the ground, she runs and gets into her vehicle and pulls away.  Watch for yourself:

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