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Illegal Immigration

War Breaks Out in Texas Legislature [WATCH!]

Written by Joe Scudder

Reportedly, illegals obstructed the Texas legislature and the situation deteriorated from there.

Protestors disrupted the Texas legislature because they opposed a law mandating the cities in the state cooperate with enforcing immigration law. This escalated into, among other things, both Democrats and Republicans accusing the other of making death threats. Whatever actually happened, the undisputed facts tell us much about our current criminal situation: An elected government official faces anger and indignation for notifying law enforcement about lawbreakers disrupting the state legislature.

The Dallas Morning News reported, “‘I’ll put a bullet in your head’: Fistfight nearly erupts on final day of contentious legislative session.

As they protested, Latino Reps. Ramon Romero and Cesar Blanco, both Democrats, waved to the noisy crowd. Republican Matt Rinaldi of Irving, a fervent supporter of the anti-immigration legislation, approached the Latino Democrats. They said Rinaldi told them he had called U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to report the protesters, who were largely Hispanic.

The Democrats were enraged. A shoving match ensued, and lawmakers accused one another of making violent threats.  Rinaldi said a Democrat eventually threatened to “come get” him. Rep. Justin Rodriguez, D-San Antonio, who didn’t witness the initial altercation, said he later heard Rinaldi say, “I’ll put a bullet in your head,” to the Democrat he alleged was menacing.

Obviously, we can’t go further with the accusations unless we can verify if Rodriguez was responding to a physical threat or not. For future reference readers might note that, when threatened in front of hostile witnesses, make sure ones reply is an unambiguous response like, “Try it and see what happens.”

But Rodriguez didn’t simply [claim to] call ICE because they were Hispanic. According to him the protesters held signs identifying themselves as illegals! These were the criminals the Democrat legislators were defending. We’re apparently supposed to just allow lawbreakers to disrupt the government.

The real disappointment here is that Rinaldi didn’t really call ICE.

Read the whole story.

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Joe Scudder

Joe Scudder is the "nom de plume" (or "nom de guerre") of a fifty-ish-year-old writer and stroke survivor. He lives in St Louis with his wife and still-at-home children. He has been a freelance writer and occasional political activist since the early nineties. He describes his politics as Tolkienesque.

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