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Breaking: Body Washed up on Florida Beach Confirmed to be Federal Prosecutor

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

Police have confirmed that the body that washed up on Florida’s shores is indeed federal prosecutor Beranton J. Whisenant Jr.


According to the Miami U.S. Attorney’s Office, “The U.S. Attorney’s Office family is deeply saddened by his death. He was a wonderful lawyer and great colleague. We will miss him deeply. Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.”

 The local media reported that the 37-year-old “MAY” have died from a trauma, although the official reason has not been released yet.
Bill Renick, a witness, said, “When the tide came in he obviously was caught in the surf and tumbling, about a 35-year-old African-American man, very well dressed wearing a sort of a casual business shirt, black pants, and all of his personal effects were on him and that’s what we found unusual.”

Whisenant’s LinkedIn profile said he has been an assistant U.S. attorney since January 2017. He received his law degree from the University of Florida in 2004 and had been a partner at Foley & Mansfield, PLLP, before joining the U.S. Attorney’s Office

Whisenant was also an adjunct instructor at the University of Miami Paralegal Program.

That sounds EXTREMELY similar to the young DNC staffer who leaked information to WikiLeaks (Seth Rich) and how he was found dead with all his belongings…..doesn’t it? Hmmm….

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Keely Sharp

Keely Sharp

Keely is a 23-year-old conservative writer for many different sites, including While she lives in Georgia, she grew up in Florida. Keely is pro-life, Christian, and a member of the NRA. When she is not writing, she enjoys going to the range and hiking with her dogs.

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