Candidate Wants Your Vote? Here are Some Questions to Ask

What do you say when someone running for office asks for your vote?

Let’s say someone knocks at your door and they smile and tell you that they are running for State Delegate or State Representative or State Senate, or maybe for some County office like County Council or Sheriff. Maybe they are running for Congress or the US Senate.

Let’s say you know little about them except that they are polite and make a nice appearance. They ask for your support and maybe for some money to help their campaign.

Do you just say yes to be nice? Or do you just say yes or no to make them go away?

Are there some relevant and important and simple questions you can ask that will tell you very quickly whether you should support them or not?

You bet there are. Let’s talk about it.

The American View can be summarized like this:

  1. There is a Creator God.
  2. Our rights are a part of His created order. They are His gifts to us and they are permanent and fixed.
  3. The purpose of government is to secure these God given rights.

vote3Following this understanding we can see the critical importance of voting only for a candidate that:

1) Acknowledges and fears God;

2) Demonstrates that he has an American (Biblical) view of law and government;

3) Demonstrates that he will take actions that are driven by and in harmony with a) God’s law and b) the limitations of the Constitution.

Personally, I can also see that casting my vote for someone who doesn’t meet these requirements will mean that I will stand before God and be judged for my failure to obey Him.

And we should also see that when we choose “the lesser of two evils” we continually get evil and we certainly deserve evil because we affirmatively chose it.

But Michael, you say, hardly any candidates meet this righteous standard.

Practically speaking, right now there may be only one or two, or maybe just a few, qualified persons running in your district this November. And there may be none.

This may sound like a radical statement, but I’m saying that you can’t vote “lesser of two evils” in any race. If there is NOT a qualified candidate in a race then you CAN’T VOTE in that race. Period!

To do otherwise is to contribute to the problem of lawless government.

So, how do I determine if a candidate is competent? How do I determine if he understands his oath, whether he knows his job description and whether he is willing and able to perform it?

Here are a few simple questions that you can ask a candidate…

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