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Breaking: GOP Candidate Takes on Reporter from the Top Rope

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

Lets get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeee!!!!!  I can’t believe this actually happened in real life. I’m in utter disbelief. I would expect this from a Clinton, but not a Republican candidate! Unfortunately, it was a GOP candidate….and we can’t back him up on this one.

This absolutely will not help his campaign….if he even still has one after tonight!

The audio, which you can find down at the bottom of this article, literally sounds like something from a Will Ferrel comedy movie.

Here is a report from a Fox News reporter that was present:

The race to fill Montana’s sole seat in the U.S. House of Representatives took a violent turn Wednesday, and a crew from the Fox News Channel, including myself, witnessed it firsthand.

As part of our preparation for a story about Thursday’s special election to air on “Special Report with Bret Baier,” we arranged interviews with the top two candidates, Republican Greg Gianforte and Democrat Rob Quist. On Wednesday, I joined field producer Faith Mangan and photographer Keith Railey in Bozeman for our scheduled interview with Gianforte, which was to take place at the Gianforte for Congress Bozeman Headquarters.

Faith, Keith and I arrived early to set up for the interview in a room adjacent to another room where a volunteer BBQ was to take place. As the time for the interview neared, Gianforte came into the room. We exchanged pleasantries and made small talk about restaurants and Bozeman.

During that conversation, another man — who we now know is Ben Jacobs of The Guardian — walked into the room with a voice recorder, put it up to Gianforte’s face and began asking if him if he had a response to the newly released Congressional Budget Office report on the American Health Care Act. Gianforte told him he would get to him later. Jacobs persisted with his question. Gianforte told him to talk to his press guy, Shane Scanlon.

Jacobs was not going to take “no” for an answer and continued to press Gianforte, and this is when the scuffle begins. It was reported that Gianforte took the reporter by the neck, with both hands, and body slammed him on the ground and began punching as he said, “I’m sick and tired of this.” You can listen to the audio below:


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Keely Sharp

Keely Sharp

Keely is a 23-year-old conservative writer for many different sites, including While she lives in Georgia, she grew up in Florida. Keely is pro-life, Christian, and a member of the NRA. When she is not writing, she enjoys going to the range and hiking with her dogs.

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