Texas Creates Their Own “Bathroom Law”

We have been hearing the controversial bathroom issues for over a year now. It really started when Target gave the green light for people to use their bathroom of “choice,” per se. However, this opened an extremely dangerous door. You see, the transgender people may have gotten the okay to use the bathroom that they “identified” with, but with that open door, pedophiles and predators were also able to walk into the women’s restroom as well, no questions asked. THEN some schools began to do the same with their restrooms and locker rooms. You can see where the problems could arise.

Well Texas is saying “NO MORE” to the intermingled bathrooms. However, they are not leaving those people out to dry either. Instead, they are creating them their OWN bathroom. This is a solution that many people have been calling for since the beginning.

The state’s House of Representatives added the measure as an amendment to a bill regarding emergency operations in schools. The amendment requires students to use the bathroom of their biological gender in schools.

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This is unlike a previous bill in the Texas legislature, which was similar to the North Carolina ‘bathroom’ bill and required people to use the restroom matching their biological gender at all publicly owned facilities. That bill passed the state Senate, but has been held up in the House.

Instead, House lawmakers tacked on the bathroom provisions to SB 2078, a bill meant to outline certain school safety requirements and standards. The bathroom amendment was added as a way to improve the “privacy, dignity and safety” of students, according to the author Republican State Rep. Chris Paddie.

The amendment requires schools to provide a single occupancy bathroom for students who don’t want to use the bathroom of their biological sex. It does allow those students to use a multi-occupancy bathroom if no one else is using it.

In debate on the House floor, opponents argued the bill discriminates and questioned whether the single bathrooms will be equal to multi-occupancy bathrooms and whether the amendment is appropriate for the bill.

Considering that only 0.3 percent of the world’s population is “transgender’, I cannot see how a single occupancy restroom would inconvenience in them. It does not discriminate against them either. They are demanding to use the restroom that they “identify” with and that is simply not safe. Therefore, this is the best solution, aside from telling them to suck it up and use the restroom assigned to their genitals.

How politically correct must we be??

Chris Paddie said, “I think it’s absolutely about child safety.” when questioned as to why the bill is labeled as an energency. He continued, “It’s about the safety of the same child that you just referenced, that is a transgender child that’s assaulted. It’s about that student as well. This amendment treats all students the same.”

If the bill passes in the senate, then Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign it.

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