Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Regret is a Crock

Hillary Clinton recently gave the keynote speech at the National Automobile Dealers Association Convention where she also sat down for a question and answer session.

The part getting the most publicity is that her biggest regret from her time as Secretary of State was the events at Benghazi on 9/11/2012.

Here are those comments for anyone who hasn’t already seen/heard them.

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Sounds about right, no? An attack on a US consulate that sees four American deaths and probably should have never happened… it should be her biggest regret, right? Not quite.

Clinton-BenghaziHer biggest regret should be the part about lying to the country for a couple of weeks in an effort to influence the upcoming election. The Obama administration ran a campaign of lies and misdirection, hoping that the American people wouldn’t get too interested in what had really happened in Benghazi.

Not only that – her admission is all boloney. It’s a fake “regret” because, from her perspective, there was “nothing” she could have done about it. And that’s how it comes across. “I regret that Benghazi was attacked by terrorists and Americans died. But as you can see it was the terrorists fault not mine – so really I have nothing to be sorry for…”

Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton also cries foul on Clinton’s fake regret.

Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton says Hillary Clinton’s remark that the Benghazi attack was her “biggest regret” as secretary of state was a “focus-group-tested, polled response.”

“The fact here is that those deaths could have been avoided,” Bolton told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“The Obama-Clinton administration was… unwilling or unable to acknowledge that, in fact, the terrorist threat had grown under Obama worldwide.

“Their campaign claim [was] that al-Qaida was on the run, General Motors is alive, and Osama bin Laden’s dead. The fact is – and Benghazi demonstrates it – the terrorist threat was real and was growing,” Bolton said Monday…

He said Clinton’s “biggest regret” comment was “a tried-and-true, focus-group-tested, polled response… They may get away with it, but they shouldn’t.”

Bolton is 100% right on the money. Hillary Clinton is a fraud and a liar – just like her old boss.

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