Sorry Feminists, You Can’t be Fat AND Fit

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

This new culture of body positivity and fat-acceptance is killing women. I am not saying that you cannot be big and beautiful, but you cannot be fat and fit. Feminists would hang me for saying that, but it is the truth!

Studies show that being overweight is unhealthy, for a multitude of reasons. One of the biggest ones being that it causes your heart to work overtime, and therefore tires out that muscle more quickly. Why do you think so many overweight people die of heart attacks?

Researchers focused on people who were defined as “metabolically healthy”. So before you shoot my next message out of the water with excuses about metabolic disorders like diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and high blood pressure, you should know that they were not included in the study. So save your breath. This is specially about people who are fat, and not because of a disease or disorder. They simply like food too much, and exercise too little.

Between the years of 1995 and 2015, researchers came to the conclusion that overweight individuals have a 50% increased risk of coronary heart disease, double the risk of heart failure, and a 7% greater risk of stroke. Let that sink in.

AreoMagazine reports:

What do the hashtags #IWontCompromise, #EffYourBeautyStandards, #DareToWear, #AndIGetDressed have in common? They are all ultra intersectional feminist, “body positive,” and have accumulated over 700,000+ tags and counting on Instagram. Oh, and they are also killing women.

Allow me to explain.

No matter how many ludicrous comments saturate pictures of these body positive heroines, obesity is still a massive (no pun) issue within the health system. £25,000 is being spent a minutewithin the NHS (the U.K.’s national health service) on diabetes alone. In total, an estimated £14 billion is spent a year on treating diabetes and its complications, with the cost of treating complications representing the much higher cost. That number is just scratching the surface, with heart disease, high blood pressure and a copious amount of other obesity related chronic illnesses that are crushing health systems across the western world.

When the inevitable happens, and the obese patient is told that it is now a matter of life and death, the NHS seems to be freely handing out bypass surgeries at the cost of a tidy estimation of £32 million. Yikes. How many nurses would that pay for? How many beds would cater for generally ill people? Imagine how well equipped cancer wards could be with that nice little bonus?

The most popular hashtag, #EffYourBeautyStandards, is headed by plus size model Tess Holliday, a 31-year-old American woman, and someone who is deemed by the health system as super morbidly obese. She absurdly believes that she can be healthy at the shocking weight of 280 lbs, a comment that she preaches to her 1.7 million followers on Instagram. In my opinion, that is not only dangerous, but outrageously irresponsible. Many of her followers are teenagers, being told their unhealthy lifestyle is fine, to carry on, not being given the warnings of the inevitable, of illness, pain, disability and eventually death. Even on her website’s front page, she describes herself as a body positive ambassador. What positivity is she speaking of?

This article is not meant as a shaming, hateful message but more of a wakeup call. Love yourself, and feel beautiful…but also love yourself enough to realize that not getting into shape could kill you one day!

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