Obama’s Lawless Nation

Political shenanigans and political thuggery is nothing new.  But I was shocked to read about the charges laid on author and conservative pundit Dinesh D’Sousa in New York (and his $500,000 bond) regarding a campaign finance law violation.  My first thought was — and still is — that this is a witch hunt, a payback for his brilliant exposé film, 2016: Obama’s America.  If it is not, it’s still a gross, misguided use of taxpayer money.

The rich and famous and politically well-connected often get the best treatment because of who they are and who they know.  That is the natural order of things.  The sweetest of humanity rarely rises to the top, but for those who endure and rise to the top in the free market, they’re the ones who get the cream.  Funny how that works because it’s liberals who hate the upper class because of their upper classiness (even when they are part of it), but there is nothing inherently wrong with being upper class.

Sometimes, however, the rich or famous are given the opposite treatment, used as examples by those in politics, by those with political power to serve as a warning to others.  From the political ivory tower leverage is used to take down big game, not as sport, but to quench the fires of political antagonists.  The powerful conduct their vendettas against those who they deem not as adversaries, but as enemies.

The truth is, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, often corrupting more than individuals but their offices and their underlings.  Corruption works two ways in politics.  First, there’s the corruption of using one’s stature and power to improperly treat others (often criminally), and the second is in how the lawless are allowed to continue in their destructive ways by others in positions of power who allow it.  It becomes routine for corruption to be accepted and virtue to be undermined.  This has a corrosive effect upon liberty.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, whose office is being investigated for shutting down the George Washington Bridge, an action that caused havoc for the citizen commuters of the area, has been national news for weeks.  Christie’s offense is being characterized as a political, punitive, revengeful payback for the lack of an endorsement for his re-election campaign by the mayor of Fort Lee.  If true, Christie will most likely fall from grace as fast as he would from the bridge itself.  Polls show he is quickly losing credibility and is now considered a “bully” by many who voted for him just months ago.

But there’s a double standard today, in both media and justice. Take the New Black Panthers who were originally charged for their voter intimidation in 2008 where they wore paramilitary garb, carried billy clubs, and verbally threatened people in front of a voting location in Toms River, N.J.  It was all caught on video (which had gone viral on the internet).  But friends don’t let friends go to jail.  Eric Holder’s department of (in)justice dropped the charges in 2009.

Take a good decent man like D’Sousa who is being charged with a felony for the alleged crime of paying back friends and family for their contributions to a candidate for senate in New York, who was a long time friend from Dartmouth.  It will be worth watching how this all shakes out.  In 2011 Pierce O’Donell, a Los Angeles attorney, plead guilty to a misdemeanor for exactly the same charges — making $20,000 in campaign donations (through straw donors) to former senator John Edwards presidential campaign.  If convicted on all charges D’Sousa could see up to seven years in prison.

This smells like a political revenge for Dinesh’s book on President Obama “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” and his movie “2016”about how Obama is reshaping and remaking America into his socialistic, anti-colonial image.


Over in Virginia, the attorney general has become equally lawless. Rather than upholding and implementing the law of his state — as passed by the “voters” — he has said he will not honor a proposition to ban same-sex marriages as voted on by Virginians.  He has decided that he will cast aside the democratic process, and the law and will instead unilaterally deemed it unconstitutional without ever taking it before a higher court.  His dismissal of the voice of the people is a gross violation of his office and the people he was elected to serve.

Might we see, very, very soon, political prisoners in America?  Many parts of the world just celebrated the life of Nelson Mandela and his pursuit of political equality, and yet in America, once the bastion of freedom, liberty and equality, we see the elected class becoming more and more secluded, protected and lawless.  Seeking out citizens to punish while letting the shameless politically correct criminals go free.

If found guilty Dinesh should pay a penalty; the law is the law after all.  But for such a trivial matter the punishment should be much like the misdemeanor suffered by the attorney from Los Angeles.  If Dinesh spends a single day in jail, let alone gets a sentence of seven years, we will all know that Obama has become the Che Guevara of his time and the firing squads can’t be too far behind.  Welcome to the Orwellian Ameritopia.

Then comes the targeting of conservative activist and Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe who gained notoriety for his hidden-camera investigations of left-leaning groups and causes, the most famous of which was ACORN.  New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration has hit O’Keefe’s organization with a subpoena and document requests.  Recently Cuomo made the comments that “extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay” “have no place” in New York.  O’Keefe says these “aren’t simply words” and promises to move his offices to New Jersey.  The Department of Labor has also hit his offices in New York with demands for financial statements and related documents.

irsYou would think there is plenty for the news media to report on, beginning with the insane policies of the criminal enterprise currently in the White House.  But we get very little on the skyrocketing deficits, swelling welfare roles, historic highs in unemployed, massive record breaking national debt, failed TARP bailout, government investments gone wrong, Solyndra and the Green energy business boondoggles, Obama’s tax cheats like Timothy Geithner heading up the federal reserve, government secrecy and the NSA rather than transparency, billions in bail out money for unions and banks, threats on religious liberties and conservative groups, attempts to gut the second Amendment, Fast and Furious, selling illegal firearms to drug lords and the death of border agent Brian Terry, executive fiat through executive orders, millions wasted on Obamacare implementation and millions of Americans losing their insurance coverage because of it, rising health care prices, pushes for amnesty of criminal aliens, preventing Arizona from protecting it’s state from illegal immigrants or enforcing federal law, preventing ICE from deporting criminal aliens apprehended by local and state authorities, the IRS scandal targeting Tea Party non profits, the death of four Americans in Benghazi and the list could simply go on and on and on.  And the liberals have the audacity to call this man, Obama, person of the year?

Through it all, I will #StandWithDinesh and keep a watchful eye on the actions of the liberal political class in New York and Washington DC who wish to make political prisoners of their political critics.  The future looks dark — as long as this type of punitive people are elected to office by those ignorant of what a dark, wet, musty dungeon smells like.

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About the author

David Whitley

David is a deacon at his local church and a perpetual student of religion, politics and American history. Author, speaker, blogger, David lives in Southern California with his wife and their three children. You can follow him on Twitter @cogitarus or online at cogitarus.wordpress.com. He's available for speaking engagements upon request.

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