How Ironic: Feminist Youtuber Arrested for Murdering His Female Co-Host

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

A self proclaimed male feminist Youtuber known as “RDP” or “Skeptic Feminist” has been arrested for the shooting and killing of his co-host, who is female.

Aleksandr Kolpakov, 29, is infamous for his ridiculous rants about anyone who was not a liberal snowflake, and took special offense to anyone who was a critic of feminism.

According to police, the murder took place around 9:30 pm on Saturday. Police were called to a home in Clifton after neighbors reported several gunshots. They found the victim dead outside of the home.

The Youtuber is now being meld in Mesa County jail after he was arrested for the murder of his co-host, Heather Anable (AKA “Ivy”). Police are looking for no other suspects in the murder because they believe all the evidence points to him, including information on his Twitter account. They do not have a motive as to why he would kill her.  However, another person who seems to be an admin on the Twitter account, named Harley, is claiming it was caused by his PTSD……I call BS.

There are also people commenting and sympathizing with him….It’s almost as if he has a weird cult following. The guy was obviously mentally deranged.

So why would a “feminist” kill a female? Isn’t that against everything they believe in? I mean, I know they are okay with killing unborn babies, but aren’t they all for the right of the woman, and stopping rapes and killings of women? At least that’s what they throw into the argument when they riot and scream and wear vagina hats.

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