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DNC Chairman Tom Perez Makes This Prediction for 2018

Written by Philip Hodges

According DNC Chairman Tom Perez, Republicans have overextended themselves to such a degree that it will cause a major upset victory for Democrats next year. He thinks the Democrats will take over both Houses of Congress.

Here’s what he said in an interview with Bloomberg TV:

“What Republicans have to do is understand is that we need a budget that reflects our values. When you try to cut Meals on Wheels, when you cut investments in education, when you propose to cut the budget of the National Institute of Health by billion dollars, you are cutting that lifeline of research investment that saves lives.

“Right now what we are seeing plain and simply is that the Republicans are overreaching. That is why we are going to win seats like the congressional seat in District 6 down in Georgia. That is why we are competitive and on the verge of upsets elsewhere. And that is why I think we cannot only take over the House in 2018, but we can take the senate back as well.”

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